P162 NHS GGC staff HIV anti-stigma campaign

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IntroductionPeople living with HIV, and maintained on ARVs, can live long and healthy lives.Consequently, there is a growing cohort of people living and ageing with HIV, who are attending NHSGGC for non-HIV related conditions. However, many patients report experiencing stigma and discrimination within these services. NHSGGC responded to this by creating a HIV anti-stigma campaign.MethodsA baseline staff survey was conducted to ascertain knowledge, attitudes and training needs. These results and input from the HIV Patient Forum shaped the campaign, which consisted of: A range of materials, merchandise and activity including posters, road shows, factsheets; training, digital updates and direct messaging to service managers; A patient toolkit which empowers them to challenge stigma and discrimination; Short dramatic videos illustrating patient experience; A repeat staff survey was carried out in 2016Results4000 responses to the baseline survey; 9,325 unique website hits; 300+ staff engaged at road shows; 15 delegates attending training; 1,521 responses to the repeat survey; excellent partnership working between NHSGGC staff and members of the patient forum.DiscussionThe campaign was successful in raising HIV with non-specialist staff. However, uptake of training was low despite an expressed need. Lack of time to train in non-mandatory areas was an issue. Those that did attend training evaluated it well. Results from the repeat survey will shape future interventions for staff.

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