P163 Haart prescribing and bhiva standards of care for people living with hiv audit

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IntroductionWe audited our service against the BHIVA 2013 Standards of Care for People Living with HIV, BHIVA treatment guidelines for HIV-1-positive adults 2015 and North West 2015 treatment algorithm for HIV-1-positive adults 2015.MethodsThis is a retrospective audit involving the review of all patient notes (84). 64 patients were excluded as they were started on medication before 2013.Results40% of all patients had a CD4 count of more than 350 when they were started on medication and 10% had a CD4 count of <200. Only 5% had HIV related symptoms. 15% were started as prevention of transmission.30% (6 in 20) of patients were started on treatment on/after 2015. Only 17% (1 in 6) of these patients had been prescribed treatment according to the North West 2015 algorithm (The patient was given Kivexa based therapy when they could have had Truvada). First line therapy according to BHIVA 2015 guidance was prescribed in 100% of patients (Standard of care target >75%).100% of patients adhered to their medication within the first 3 months (Standard of care target >95%). None of the patients who had viral loads done had experienced virological rebound (Standard of care target <2%).DiscussionWe are 100% compliant to the BHIVA treatment guidelines while only 17% compliant to the North West algorithm. To improve our service and make it more viable, we will update our proforma according to the North West algorithm, which reflects the availability of cheaper generic drugs and NHS England guidance.

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