P182 Chlamydia positive testing to treatment turnaround time (TAT) april to december 2016

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IntroductionReduction in time to treatment for those with STIs is key for reducing negative sequelae, identifying and treating STIs in partners and preventing onward transmission. BASHH 2014 Standards stipulate that results should be available within 10 working days of testing but there are no standards published for time from test to treatment. In our service patients are told to access results after 7 days. Our results management team contact untreated patients 7 days after testing.AimsTo ascertain the time period between STI test date, availability of result and receipt of treatment for those testing positive for chlamydia within a large multi-site service.MethodsA retrospective audit of the sexual health service electronic patient record (EPR) was undertaken from April to December 2016 identifying all chlamydia positive results across our service. Date of test, availability of result and treatment received was analysed. The following data was analysed.Results2897 patient records were identified for analysis. 550 were excluded due to incomplete data. 2347 records were analysed. 63.9% of results were available in 72 hours (mean 48 hours) and 96.2% in 7 days. 51.7% were treated within 48 hours of result availability, 56% within 7 days, 92.2% within 14 days and 97.5% by 28 days.DiscussionThe majority of results are available within 72 hours however <60% of patients were treated within 5 days. Patients will now be advised to access the results within 3 days and the service will contact untreated patients within 5 days of a positive result.

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