P189 Reflections on school sex education from young adults: a survey via social media

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With inconsistency of sexual education in schools, we used social media to ascertain opinions from a group aged 18-25 in the UK.


A short survey of four questions was distributed via Facebook to immediate contacts to the primary author. 91 anonymous responses received (demographics not available).

Questions were

• Which topics were covered in your sex education during your time in school?

Questions were

• When do you think it is appropriate to begin sex education?

Questions were

• Which areas of sexual education would you like to see improved?

Questions were

• Is there anything that you wish you had been told during your sexual education?

Questions were

The first two were multiple choice; second two were free text.

Questions were

For analysis, ‘sex education’ was used as an umbrella term for education relating to sex (anatomy and practice), relationships, gender and sexuality. Responses for questions 3 and 4 were combined as they generated similar results.


Question 1:


63/91 (69%) believed sexual education should begin during primary school. 31/91 (34%) wished that consent had been covered better, often combined with the implication that this lack of education had affected their personal life.


While not without limitations, our short survey gave some interesting results worthy of further exploration, suggesting that UK sexual education needs reform before it meets the needs of modern young people.

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