P194 Rolling out the uk’s first regional msm hpv vaccination programme: early evaluation and practical considerations

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IntroductionThe four countries in the UK had different interpretations of the JCVI HPV vaccination recommendations. We aim to describe our experience to date of the full vaccination programme that commenced in our region in October 2016.MethodsWe conducted a retrospective review of our opportunistically-offered vaccination programme, using both electronic and paper records.ResultsFrom October 2016 until end January 2017, 827 vaccines were administered to 609 patients. The records of 274 vaccinees were analysed. 59% were HIV negative, 41% positive. 99% were MSM, aged 18 – 67, 12% were over 45, 43% were diagnosed with an STI or had PEP in the preceding 6 months, 74% had no documented history of genital warts. 11% attended solely for the HPV vaccine at their second visit. 91% of HIV positive patients re-attended for their second vaccine at their usual HIV clinic appointment. An estimated completion rate, calculated using those who re-attended as planned at one month and received a second vaccination, was 83%. For the HIV positive cohort, this was higher still at 95%.DiscussionWe found that opportunistically vaccinating this cohort resulted in only 11% of all second attendances being solely for a HPV vaccine, and only 6.5% in the HIV positive cohort. Our completion rate, calculated using data at one month, was high. We aim to present a full six months of data.

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