P241 Where there’s tea, there’s hope! – experience of green tea extract for treatment of genital warts

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IntroductionCatephen® 10% ointment is novel extract from green tea which is licenced for genital wart treatment and included in BASHH guidelines (2015). Recommended application is 3 times daily for 16 weeks. We present real life data of Catephen® experience.MethodsReview of patients treated with Catephen® and adjuvant cryotherapy between August 2016 – February 2017. Clinical outcomes and tolerability data were collected.Results33 patients identified, median age 26 years (32 male, 1 female). 2 HIV positive. Affected site; penis 23/33, perianal 7/33, both 2/33 and vulva 1/33. All cases were recurrences. 6 patients excluded as lost to follow-up. To date 17/28 have completed 16-week course Catephen® or achieved full clearance prior to this. Outcomes are still awaited for 2/27 patients and 8/27 discontinued treatment early. Of the 17 who have completed treatment, 11(65%) had total clearance and 6(35%) partial clearance. Mean time to clearance was 8 weeks with penile warts appearing to respond better than perianal. Catephen® was well tolerated with 43% stating they had fewer side effects than with previous treatments. Overall discontinuation rate was 8/27 (30%) with 1 report of vulval pain, 1 report of stained clothing and 6 reporting unsatisfactory response (mean duration of Catephen® use 6.5 weeks). An additional 3 patients reported skin discomfort but continued treatment.DiscussionCatephen® ointment appears well tolerated with satisfactory clearance rates. It appears to be an acceptable alternative to other topical treatments for genital warts. To date there is no trial data on continued use after 16 weeks.

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