Propulsion Forces as a Function of Intensity for Weightlifting and Vertical Jumping
Causes of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and the Impact on Athletic Performance
The Effect of Eating Before Exercise on Energy Expenditure During Exercise and Recovery
A Comparison of Bielectric Impedance and Hydrodensitometry in Lean Males
Alternation in Concentric Strength Consequent to Powercise and Universal Gym Circuit Training
Reliability of Isometric Force-time Curve Parameters for Men Aged 20 to 79 Years
Health-related Fitness in First Through Fourth Grade Students
The Effect of Using a Weighted Softball on Pitching Velocity, Wrist Strength and Handgrip
The Effect of a Carbohydrate Beverage on Tennis Performance and Fluid Balance During Prolonged Tennis Play
Abstracts Presented at the 1992 NSCA National Conference