The Accuracy of Prediction Equations for Estimating 1-RM Performance in the Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift
Influence of Passive Torque Offered by Soft Tissue on Oxygen Consumption During Movement in Men and Women
Do Varying Environmental and Menstrual Cycle Conditions Affect Anaerobic Power Output in Female Athletes?
Strength Training in Female Distance Runners
The Effect of Experimental Alterations in Excess Mass on Pull-up Performance in Fit Young Men
Effects of Creatine Monohydrate Ingestion on Intermediate Duration Anaerobic Treadmill Running to Exhaustion
The Effect of Ankle Posture on Sit-and-Reach Test Performance
Influence of the Ingestion of Branched Chain Amino Acids on Plasma Concentrations of Ammonia and Free Fatty Acids
Heart Rate Response Associated With Non-Paced Exercise Prescription Using Ratings of Perceived Exertion
A Multivariate Approach to Assessing Anaerobic Power Following a Plyometric Training Program
Serum Testosterone Response to High-Intensity Resistance Training in Male Veteran Sprint Runners
Perception of Effort During Resistance Exercise
Survey of Strength and Conditioning Services for Professional Athletes in Four Sports
Force-Time Dependent Characteristics of Dynamic and Isometric Muscle Actions
Cardiorespiratory Responses to Lateral Motion Exercise With and Without Ankle Weights
NSCA 1997 Conference Abstracts