Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Loss Evoked by Resistance Exercise
A Submaximal JOURNAL/jscr/beta/00124278-199805000-00002/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-05-04T192923Z/r/image-png O2 Cycle Ergometry Equation Based on Power and Body Mass for Younger Men and Women
A Comparison of the Endurance Training Responses to Road and Sand Running in High School and College Students
Acute Enhancement of Power Performance From Heavy Load Squats
A Comparison of Plyometric Training Techniques for Improving Vertical Jump Ability and Energy Production
Cost-Effectiveness of Pre-Exercise Carbohydrate Meals and Their Impact on Endurance Performance
Metabolic, Circulatory, and Perceptual Responses to Bench Stepping in Water
Predicting Sprint Running Times From Isokinetic and Squat Lift Tests
Effects of Varying Dosages of Oral Creatine Relative to Fat Free Body Mass on Strength and Body Composition
Effect of Oral Creatine Supplementation on Near-Maximal Strength and Repeated Sets of High-Intensity Bench Press Exercise
The Effect of an Upper Body Strength Program on Intercollegiate Baseball Throwing Velocity
Effects of Exercise on Osteoarthritis
A Summary Chart