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Pioneers of Strength Research
The Influence of Varied Rest Interval Lengths on Depth Jump Performance
Single-vs. Multiple-Set Strength Training in Women
Effects of Ginseng Supplementation on Supramaximal Exercise Performance and Short-Term Recovery
The New National Collegiate Athletic Association Wrestling Weight Certification Program and Sport-Seasonal Changes in Body Composition of College Wrestlers
Development of a Branching Submaximal Treadmill Test for Predicting Vo2max
Early-Phase Adaptations of Traditional-Speed vs. Superslow Resistance Training on Strength and Aerobic Capacity in Sedentary Individuals
Specificity of Sprint and Agility Training Methods
Standardized Scaling Procedures for Rating Perceived Exertion During Resistance Exercise
Relationship of the Stretch-Shortening Cycle to Sprint Performance in Trained Female Athletes
Effect of Warm-Up and Flexibility Treatments on Vertical Jump Performance
The Effects of Aquatic and Traditional Exercise Programs on Persons With Knee Osteoarthritis
Nasal Strips Do Not Affect Cardiorespiratory Measures During Recovery From Anaerobic Exercise
The Effects of High-Intensity Exercise on a 10-Second Sprint Cycle Test
The Effects of Varying Resistance-Training Loads on Intermediate---and High---Velocity-Specific Adaptations
Anaerobic Power, Creatine Kinase Activity, Lactate Concentration, and Acid-Base Equilibrium Changes Following Bouts of Exhaustive Strength Exercises
Brief Muscle Hypoperfusion/Hyperemia
Comparison of Active and Passive Recovery of Blood Lactate and Subsequent Performance of Repeated Work Bouts in Ice Hockey Players
The Effect of Hand-Grip Stabilization on Isokinetic Torque at the Knee
The Immune Response to Resistance Exercise
A Review of Resistance Exercise and Posture Realignment
NSCA 2001 Conference Abstracts