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Ultrafine and Fine Particulate Matter Inhalation Decreases Exercise Performance in Healthy Subjects
The National Football League Combine: Performance Differences Between Drafted and Nondrafted Players Entering the 2004 and 2005 Drafts
Static Stretching Impairs Sprint Performance in Collegiate Track and Field Athletes
Relationships between Stretch-shortening Cycle Performance and Maximum Muscle Strength
Sprint and Vertical Jump Performances Are Not Affected by Six Weeks of Static Hamstring Stretching
The Effects of Different Stretch Amplitudes on Electromyographic Activity During Drop Jumps
The Duration of the Inhibitory Effects with Static Stretching on Quadriceps Peak Torque Production
Comparing Short-Term Complex and Compound Training Programs on Vertical Jump Height and Power Output
Comparison of Weighted Jump Squat Training With and Without Eccentric Braking
Effects of Pre-Exposure to Hyperbaric Hyperoxia on High-Intensity Exercise Performance
Strength Outcomes in Fixed Versus Free-Form Resistance Equipment
Establishing a New Index of Muscle Cross-Sectional Area and its Relationship With Isometric Muscle Strength
No Difference in 1RM Strength and Muscle Activation During the Barbell Chest Press on a Stable and Unstable Surface
Trunk Muscle Activity During Stability Ball and Free Weight Exercises
Self-Selected Resistance Training Intensity in Healthy Women: The Influence of a Personal Trainer
Comparison of Trunk Kinematics in Trunk Training Exercises and Throwing
Comparison of Early Phase Adaptations for Traditional Strength and Endurance, and Low Velocity Resistance Training Programs in College-Aged Women
Muscle Force per Cross-sectional Area is Inversely Related with Pennation Angle in Strength Trained Athletes
The Effects of Combined Ballistic and Heavy Resistance Training on Maximal Lower- and Upper-Body Strength in Recreationally Trained Men
Effects of a Shoulder Injury Prevention Strength Training Program on Eccentric External Rotator Muscle Strength and Glenohumeral Joint Imbalance in Female Overhead Activity Athletes
The Effect of Different Rest Intervals Between Sets on Volume Components and Strength Gains
Comparison of Lower Body Strength, Power, Acceleration, Speed, Agility, and Sprint Momentum to Describe and Compare Playing Rank among Professional Rugby League Players
The Acute Effects of Heavy Back and Front Squats on Speed during Forty-Meter Sprint Trials
Is it Legitimate to Characterize Muscle Strength Using a Limited Number of Measures?
Speed, Change of Direction Speed, and Reactive Agility of Rugby League Players
The Effects of Plyometric, Tennis-Drills, and Combined Training on Reaction, Lateral and Linear Speed, Power, and Strength in Novice Tennis Players
Measuring Aerobic Cycling Power as an Assessment of Childhood Fitness
One Repetition Maximum Prediction Models for Children Using the OMNI RPE Scale
Cardiorespiratory and Neuromuscular Responses to Motocross Riding
Preseason and Midseason Balance Ability of Professional Australian Footballers
Elimination of Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness by Pre-resistance Cardioacceleration before Each Set
The Impact of Different Warm-Up Protocols on Vertical Jump Performance in Male Collegiate Athletes
Noncompatibility of Power and Endurance Training Among College Baseball Players
Analysis of the Kinematical Demands Imposed on Top-Class Assistant Referees During Competitive Soccer Matches
Morphological Profiles for First-Year National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Players
The Salivary Testosterone and Cortisol Response to Three Loading Schemes
A Moderate-Intensity Exercise Program Fulfilling the American College of Sports Medicine Net Energy Expenditure Recommendation Improves Health Outcomes in Premenopausal Women
Validity of the BOD POD for Assessing Body Composition in Athletic High School Boys
The External Nasal Dilator: Style over Function?
Assessing Pedometer Accuracy while Walking, Skipping, Galloping, Sliding, and Hopping
A Test to Evaluate the Physical Impact on Technical Performance in Soccer
The Development of Rating of Perceived Exertion-Based Tests of Physical Working Capacity
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Technical Report: Reliability and Validity of the iSAM 9000 Isokinetic Dynamometer
Timing Light Height Affects Sprint Times