Effects of Mechanical Vibration Applied in the Opposite Direction of Muscle Shortening on Maximal Isometric Strength
Effect of Concurrent Endurance and Circuit Resistance Training Sequence on Muscular Strength and Power Development
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Development of a Baseball-Specific Battery of Tests and a Testing Protocol for College Baseball Players
Analysis of Muscle Activation During Different Leg Press Exercises at Submaximum Effort Levels
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Maximal Lactate Steady-State Prediction Through Quadratic Modeling of Selected Stages of the Lactate Minimum Test
Comparison of Creatine Monohydrate and Carbohydrate Supplementation on Repeated Jump Height Performance
Determination of Urine Steroid Profile in Untrained Men to Evaluate Recovery After a Strength Training Session
Glucose Uptake After Resistance Training of Different Intensities but of Equal Work Volume
Supplemental Carbohydrate Ingestion Does Not Improve Performance of High-Intensity Resistance Exercise
Methods to Identify the Lactate and Glucose Thresholds During Resistance Exercise for Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes
Identification of a JOURNAL/jscr/beta/00124278-200807000-00013/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-05-04T193021Z/r/image-png o2 Deflection Point Coinciding With the Heart Rate Deflection Point and Ventilatory Threshold in Cycling
Protein Supplement Users Among High School Athletes Have Misconceptions About Effectiveness
Effects of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate Supplementation on Muscle Oxygenation Responses to Resistance Exercise
Effects of Step Exercise on Muscle Damage and Muscle Ca2+ Content in Men and Women
Changes in Strength and Power Performance in Elite Senior Female Professional Volleyball Players During the In-Season: A Case Study
Temporal Strength Changes From Resistance Exercise and Albuterol on Unloaded Muscle
Online Weight Training
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Running-Specific, Periodized Strength Training Attenuates Loss of Stride Length During Intense Endurance Running
Load Rather Than Contraction Type Influences Rate of Perceived Exertion and Pain
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Early-Phase Neuroendocrine Responses and Strength Adaptations Following Eccentric-Enhanced Resistance Training
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Four-Week Dynamic Stretching Warm-up Intervention Elicits Longer-Term Performance Benefits
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Countermovement Vertical Jump With Drop Step is Higher Than Without in Collegiate Football Players
Clarification of: The Duration of the Inhibitory Effects with Static Stretching on Quadriceps Peak Torque Production by Siatras et al.