The NFL Combine: Does It Predict Performance in the National Football League?
Eight Weeks of Ballistic Exercise Improves Power Independently of Changes in Strength and Muscle Fiber Type Expression
Relationships Between Muscle Power Output Using the Stretch-Shortening Cycle and Eccentric Maximum Strength
Squat Jump Training at Maximal Power Loads vs. Heavy Loads: Effect on Sprint Ability
The Relationship Between Core Stability and Performance in Division I Football Players
A Comparison of Force Curve Profiles Between the Bench Press and Ballistic Bench Throws
Performance Evaluation of a High-Speed Inertial Exercise Trainer
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Intersession Reliability of Vertical Jump Height in Women and Men
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Closed-Kinetic Chain Upper-Body Training Improves Throwing Performance of NCAA Division I Softball Players
Muscle Adaptations to Plyometric vs. Resistance Training in Untrained Young Men
Are Acute Effects of Maximal Dynamic Contractions on Upper-Body Ballistic Performance Load Specific?
Physiological Adaptations to Strength and Circuit Training in Postmenopausal Women With Bone Loss
The Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Dynamic Stretching Techniques on Vertical Jump Performance
Acute Effects of Different Stretching Exercises on Muscular Endurance
Pretesting Static and Dynamic Stretching Does Not Affect Maximal Strength
The Acute Effects of Dynamic and Ballistic Stretching on Vertical Jump Height, Force, and Power
Jaw Clenching Results in Concurrent Activation Potentiation During the Countermovement Jump
Neuromuscular Efficiency of the Rectus Abdominis Differs With Gender and Sport Practice
Relationship of Push-Ups and Sit-Ups Tests to Selected Anthropometric Variables and Performance Results: A Multiple Regression Study
Neural Training for Quick Strength Gains in the Elderly: Strength as a Learned Skill
Effect of Rest Interval on Strength Recovery in Young and Old Women
Effects of 6 Weeks of Periodized Squat Training With or Without Whole-Body Vibration on Short-Term Adaptations in Jump Performance Within Recreationally Resistance Trained Men
Collegiate Rowing Crew Performance Varies by Morningness-Eveningness
A 4-Week Choice Foot Speed and Choice Reaction Training Program Improves Agility in Previously Non-Agility Trained, but Active Men and Women
The Contribution of Volume, Technique, and Load to Single-Repetition and Total-Repetition Kinematics and Kinetics in Response to Three Loading Schemes
Effect of Body Composition on the Neuromuscular Function of Finnish Conscripts During an 8-Week Basic Training Period
Effects of Whole-Body Low-Intensity Resistance Training With Slow Movement and Tonic Force Generation on Muscular Size and Strength in Young Men
An Electromyographic Analysis of the Ab-Slide Exercise, Abdominal Crunch, Supine Double Leg Thrust, and Side Bridge in Healthy Young Adults: Implications for Rehabilitation Professionals
Using Squat Testing to Predict Training Loads for the Deadlift, Lunge, Step-Up, and Leg Extension Exercises
Effects of Caffeine and Aspirin on Light Resistance Training Performance, Perceived Exertion, and Pain Perception
Validity and Reliability of the Medicine Ball Throw for Kindergarten Children
The Influence of Multiple Administration of a Psychomotor Test on Performance and Learning
Reliability and Accuracy of Handheld Stopwatches Compared With Electronic Timing in Measuring Sprint Performance
Comparison of Heart Rate Deflection and Ventilatory Threshold During a Field Cross-Country Roller-Skiing Test
Evaluation of the BOD POD for Estimating Percent Body Fat in Collegiate Track and Field Female Athletes: A Comparison of Four Methods
Kinematic Alterations Due to Different Loading Schemes in Early Acceleration Sprint Performance From Starting Blocks
Estimated Times to Exhaustion at the PWC JOURNAL/jscr/beta/00124278-200811000-00039/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-05-04T193026Z/r/image-png o2, PWCHRT, and VT
Pacing Pattern in a 30-Minute Maximal Cycling Test
Plasma Ammonia Concentrations and the Slow Component of Oxygen Uptake Kinetics During Cycle Ergometry
Does Improved Decision-Making Ability Reduce the Physiological Demands of Game-Based Activities in Field Sport Athletes?
The Effects of Resistance Training on Endurance Distance Running Performance Among Highly Trained Runners: A Systematic Review
A Method for Monitoring Intensity During Aquatic Resistance Exercises
Kinetic Energy Factors in Evaluation of Athletes
NSCA 2008 Conference Abstracts