In Memoriam
Comparison of Different Rowing Exercises: Trunk Muscle Activation and Lumbar Spine Motion, Load, and Stiffness
Structural Protein Alterations to Resistance and Endurance Cycling Exercise Training
The Influence of Muscle Action on Heart Rate, RPE, and Affective Responses After Upper-Body Resistance Exercise
Physiologic and Metabolic Responses to a Continuous Functional Resistance Exercise Workout
Contemporary Training Practices in Elite British Powerlifters: Survey Results From an International Competition
The Effects of Treadmill Sprint Training and Resistance Training on Maximal Running Velocity and Power
An Examination of Ankle, Knee, and Hip Torque Production in Individuals With Chronic Ankle Instability
The Razor Curl: A Functional Approach to Hamstring Training
Lower-Extremity Strength Profiles and Gender-Based Classification of Basketball Players Ages 9-22 Years
Influence of Resistance Load on Neuromuscular Response to Vibration Training
Lean Body Mass and Weight-Bearing Activity in the Prediction of Bone Mineral Density in Physically Active Men
Predictors of Functional Task Performance Among Patients Scheduled for Total Knee Arthroplasty
Changes in Bar Path Kinematics and Kinetics Through Use of Summary Feedback in Power Snatch Training
Exercises for the Torso Performed in a Standing Posture: Spine and Hip Motion and Motor Patterns and Spine Load
Evaluation of Muscle Power Exerted by Explosive Gripping
Acute Effects of Heavy-Load Exercises, Stretching Exercises, and Heavy-Load Plus Stretching Exercises on Squat Jump and Countermovement Jump Performance
Determining the Optimal Load for Resisted Sprint Training With Sled Towing
Unsuccessful vs. Successful Performance in Snatch Lifts: A Kinematic Approach
Determining Variables of Plyometric Training for Improving Vertical Jump Height Performance: A Meta-Analysis
Effects of Dynamic and Static Stretching on Vertical Jump Performance and Electromyographic Activity
A Comparison of Two Forms of Periodized Exercise Rehabilitation Programs in the Management of Chronic Nonspecific Low-Back Pain
Velocity and Stride Parameters of World-Class 400-Meter Athletes Compared With Less Experienced Runners
A Notational Analysis of Elite Tennis Serve and Serve-Return Strategies on Slow Surface
Physiological and Anthropometric Correlates of Tackling Ability in Rugby League Players
Effects of a Short-Term Aquatic Resistance Program on Strength and Body Composition in Fit Young Men
Effects of Caloric Restriction and Overnight Fasting on Cycling Endurance Performance
Clinic and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Responses After Resistance Exercise
Physiological and Neuromuscular Profile During a Bodypump Session: Acute Responses During a High-Resistance Training Session
The Effect of a High-Intensity Interval Training Program on High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Young Men
Vibration Training: Could It Enhance the Strength, Power, or Speed of Athletes?
A Comparison of the Activity Profile and Physiological Demands Between Advanced and Recreational Veteran Tennis Players
Energy Expenditure Before, During, and After the Bench Press
Effects of High-Intensity Training by Heart Rate or Power in Well-Trained Cyclists
Parasympathetic Modulation and Running Performance in Distance Runners
Sustained, Prolonged Exercise at Stable Heart Rate Defined by the Deflection Point Identification Method
Massage After Exercise-Responses of Immunologic and Endocrine Markers: A Randomized Single-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study
Behavior of Testosterone and Cortisol During an Intensity-Controlled High-Volume Training Period Measured by a Training Task-Specific Test in Men Rowers
Multigrip Flexible Device: Electromyographical Analysis and Comparison With the Bench Press Exercise
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Hamstring Stretching: Comparison of Four Techniques
Psychological Modeling and Adaptations in Cognitive Representations With Increased Resistance During Motor Skill Acquisition
Feasibility and Efficacy of Progressive Electrostimulation Strength Training for Competitive Tennis Players