The Effect Of Daily Undulated Periodization As Compared To Linear Periodization In Strength Gains Of Collegiate Athletes
The Effects Of An Acute Bout Of Static Vs. Dynamic Stretching On Performance In College Soccer Players
1 Rm Prediction From The Linear Velocity And The Rate Of Perceived Exertion In Bench Press And Paralell Squat
Application Of Gps Technology To Assess The Demands In Soccer Competition At College-Aged Level
Rate Of Velocity Development For Knee Extensors: Crossover To Untrained Speeds
Segmental Limb Length And Vertical Jump Height
Comparison Of Acute Exercise Responses During Single Versus Competitive Bouts Of Isometric Resistance Exergaming
The Effect Of Music Listening On Running Performance And Rating Of Percieved Exertion Of College Students
Physiological Differences In Mixed Martial Artist And Traditional Martial Artists: A Pilot Study
The Effect of Gender on Functional Deficits During Selected Tests for ACLR Patients
Exercise As A Factor In The Job Satisfaction Of Law Enforcement Officers
Measurement Of Body Composition And Athletic Performance During NCAA-Division I Women's Volleyball And Softball Seasons
Responses Of Serum IGF-1 After An Acute Bout Of Lower-Body Resistance Exercise
Comparison Of Muscular Strength Gains Utilizing Eccentric, Standard And Concentric Resistance Training Protocols
Effects Of Four Weeks Of Arginine Supplementation On The Physical Working Capacity At The Fatigue Threshold
Anthropometric And Physical Performance Characteristics Of Elite Male Wheelchair Basketball Athletes
Effect Of A Dynamic Loaded Warm-Up On Vertical Jump Performance
Developmental Movement Of Standing Long Jump In Elementary School Children By Kinematics Analysis
Assessing Weightlifting Bar Mechanical Characteristics
The Long-Term Effects Of Resisted Sprint Training Using Weighted Sleds Versus Weighted Vests
Relationship Between Plate Mass and Actual Leg Press Loads
Influence Of Training Status On Timing Of Improvements In Jump Performance Throughout 10 Weeks Of Lower Body Power Training
Influence Of Training Status On Power Absorption & Production During Lower Body Stretch-Shorten Cycle Movements
Acute Effects Of Passive Stretching On The Electromechanical Delay and Evoked Twitch Properties
Effects Of Eccentric Exercise On Injury Occurrence And Optimum Length Of The Knee Flexors And Extensors In Professional Soccer Players
Leg Asymmetries During Running In Australian Rules Football Players With Previous Hamstring Injuries
Difference in Vertical Jump Performance by Force Production
The Effects Of A Combined Resistance Training And Cardiovascular Exercise Program In College Females: Does Order Matter?
Effect Of Elastic Band Resistance Training During Simulated Microgravity On Neuromuscular Function
Power Output In The Jump Squat In Adolescent Male Athletes
Effect Of Weighted Jump Warm-Up On Vertical Jump In Division II Female Volleyball Players
Completing A Prior Set Of Hang Cleans Does Not Improve The Performance In The Vertical Jump Irrespective Of The Length Of The Recovery Period
Effects Of Resistance Training On The Hamstring To Quadriceps Strength Ratio In Males And Females
The Effectiveness Of Manual Resistance Versus Weight Training On Fitness Test Achievement Scores In Adolescents
The Effects Of Activity Based Interventions On Selected Health Fitness Parameters Of University Students
Electromyographic Analysis Of Concurrent Activation Potentiation
Do High Hamstring To Quadriceps Activation Ratios Impair Jumping Performance?
The Effects Of A Self-Designed Off-Season Training Program On Physiological Variables In Division Iii Collegiate Athletes
The Effects Of Multiaxial And Uniaxial Unstable Surface Balance Training In College Athletes
The Impact Of Wearable Weights On Cardiovascular, Metabolic, And Perceptual Responses To Treadmill Walking
Potentiating Effects of Depth and Box Jumps on Vertical Jump Performance in Female Collegiate Volleyball Players
Differences in Glucose Uptake Following High Intensity and Low Intensity Cardiovascular Exercise
Activation Of Core Musculature During Exercise With Stable And Unstable Loads On Stable And Unstable Surfaces
Effects Of A Whole Body Compression Garment On Markers Of Recovery After An Intense Whole Body Resistance Training Workout In Men
Effects Of A Whole Body Compression Garment On Markers Of Recovery After An Intense Whole Body Resistance Training Workout In Women
Upper And Lower Body Strength Increases Consequent To Different Inter-Set Rest Intervals In Trained Men
Training Experience Alters Myosin Heavy Chain Relationships With Performance
Acute Effects Of A Pre-Exercise Supplement On Critical Velocity And Anaerobic Running Capacity In College-Aged Men And Women
Effect Of Remote Voluntary Contractions On Upper Body Force And Muscle Activation In Women And Men
Resisted Speed Development The Effect Of Wind Speed
The Influence Of Body Composition And Segmental Mass On Kinetic Variables Associated With Youth Throwing Injuries
Effect Of Vision Training On Batting Performance And Pitch Recognition Of Division I Baseball Players
The Effects of Caffeine Supplementation on Strength and Muscular Endurance in Resistance-Trained Women
The Effects Of Four Weeks Of High-Intensity Interval Training And Creatine Supplementation On Cardiorespiratory Fitness In College-Aged Men
Ingesting Amino Acid-Carbohydrate Prior To And During Consecutive Bouts Of Resistance Training Elevates Resting Energy Expenditure
The Relationship Between The Eccentric Utilization Ratio, Reactive Strength, And Pre-Stretch Augmentation And Selected Dynamic And Isometric Muscle Actions.
Effect Of Load On Bar, Body And System Power Output In The Power Clean
Power And Muscular Endurance Repeatability With 48 Hours Rest
Effects Of Concentric And Eccentric Muscle Contractions On Il-6 Signaling In Human Skeletal Muscle And Downstream Regulation Of Hsp-72 Gene Expression
The Effects Of An Acute Resistance Exercise Bout On Insulin Like Growth Factor-I And 3 Binding Proteins In Well-Trained Men And Women
The Effects Of External Load On Vertical Jump Peak Power And Eccentric Utilization Ratio
A Comparison Of Critical Torque And The Electromyographic Mean Power Frequency Fatigue Threshold During Isometric Leg Extension
Relationships Among Muscle Fiber Type, Mechanomyographic, And Electromyographic Amplitude Response Patterns During Ramped Isometric Muscle Actions
Correlation Between Muscle Fiber Cross-Sectional Area And Strength Gain Using Three Different Resistance-Training Programs In College-Aged Women
The Effect Of Different Pedal Types On Maximal Oxygen Consumption And Lactic Acid Accumulation
Effects Of Footwear And Grade Conditions On Pedometer Accuracy
Anthropometric And Performance Comparisons In Professional Baseball Players
Gender Differences In Musculotendinous Stiffness And Range Of Motion In College-Aged Men And Women
Determining The Source Of Temporal Differences Between Electronic And Hand Timing Systems In The 40 Yard Dash
Hop Test As A Predictor For Lower Limb Injuries
Effects Of Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine Supplementation On Anaerobic Work Capacity And Lactate Accumulation Are Dosage Dependent
Effect Of Starting Stance On Sprint Time In NAIA Volleyball Players
Effect Of Starting Stance On Sprint Time In NAIA Volleyball Players
Performance Testing In British Middle School Aged Boys And Girls
Efficacy Of Potentiation Of Shot Put Performance Through Pre-Activity Heavy Medicine Ball Throws
The Impact Of Certification On High School Strength Facilities, Equipment, And Safety/Utilization
Validation Of An Electronic Armband Sensor In Healthy Individuals Engaged In Low Intensity Activity
The Effect Of Single Versus Multiple Sets: Carryover To Untrained Speeds
Accuracy Of Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzers In College Athletes: Does Hydration Matter?
Effects Of Whole-Body-Electromyostimulation On Resting Metabolic Rate, Anthropometric And Neuromuscular Parameters In The Elderly
The Effects Of Four Weeks Of High-Intensity Interval Training And Creatine Supplementation On Critical Power And Anaerobic Working Capacity In College-Aged Men
Effects Of Beta-Alanine Supplementation On Performance And Body Composition In Collegiate Wrestlers And Football Players
Relationship Between Dynamic Kinematics And Isometric Force-Time Characteristics
An Examination Of Biases And Perceptions Of Contemporary Strength And Conditioning Professionals At The University Level
Effect Of Squat Depth On Vertical Jump Performance Variables
Effect Of Speed-Jump Training On Volleyball Specific Measurements Skills In Female Athletes
Personality Factors And Intercollegiate Tennis Association Ranking
Construct Validity Of The Myotest® In Measuring Force And Power Production
Power Fatigue Across Five Sets For Three Different Lifting Protocols
Development Of Exercise Programs For The Elderly Based On Training Methods For Athletes, And Their Posture-Improving Effects
Effects Of Six Weeks Periodized Squat Training With Or Without Whole Body Vibration Upon The Relationship Between Isometric And Dynamic Performance
Effect Of Overload Sprint Cycling On Subsequent Power Output
Development And Validation Of The Adolescent Body Image Satisfaction Scale (ABISS): Implications For The Strength And Conditioning Professional
The Effects Of Growth And Maturation On Leg Stiffness And Reactive Strength Index In Youths Aged 7 - 18 Years
Relationship Between Body Composition And Bat Swing Velocity Of College Softball Players
Validity Of The Kansas Squat Test For Track And Field Sprinters And Jumpers
Validity Of The Kansas Squat Test For Track And Field Sprinters And Jumpers
A Comparison Of The Effects Of 6 Weeks Of 3 Different Training Modes On Measures Of Strength And Anthropometrics
Upper Body Muscular Endurance Among Active Duty Male And Female Firefighters
Transference Of Kettlebell Training To Traditional Olympic Weight Lifting And Muscular Endurance
Educational Contents Analysis Of Ncca Accredited Personal Training Certification Programs
Difference In 40-Yd Dash And Pro-Agility Times On Artificial Turf And Natural Grass
Comparison Of Changes In Upper And Lower Body Strength Following Resistance Training Among Adolescent Men And Women
Effect Of Absolute And Relative Loading On Muscle Activity During Stable And Unstable Squatting
The Relationship Between Unilateral And Bilateral Jump Kinematics And Sprint Performance
Assessment Of The Reliability Of Vertical Jump Performance From An Instrumented Platform
JOURNAL/jscr/beta/00124278-201001001-00107/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-05-04T193036Z/r/image-png o2 Max And Lactate Recovery Are Related To Repeat Sprint Ability In College Hockey Players
In Season Changes In On Ice Fitness In Division I Ice Hockey Players
The Effect Of Dance Dance Revolution On Energy Expenditure And Enjoyment In Severely Overweight Children Compared To Alternate Forms Of Activity
The Effects Of Shoulder Girdle Dynamics, Reach, And Jump Mode On Vertical Jump Performance
Identification Of Position-Specfic Combine Test Score Thresholds For Drafted And Non-Drafted Defensive Players Entering The National Football League
The Effects Of High Volume Aquatic Plyometric Training On Vertical Jump, Muscle Power, And Torque
A Comparison Of Bone Mineral Density And Body Composition In Post-Menopausal Athletic, Active, And Sedentary Women
Comparison Of A Soccer-Specific Test With Individual Nonspecific Performance Tests
Concerns And Limitations Of Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (Dxa) For The Evaluation Of Fat And Fat-Free Mass In Older Men And Women.
Training Impulse (Trimp) Values During One Week Of Practices And Games At The End Of An Elite Youth Hockey Season
Incidence And Potential Pathomechanics Of Patellofemoral Pain In Female Athletes
The Effects Of An 8-Week Supplemental Heavy Chain Resistance Training Program On Lower Extremity Power In An Elite Athlete: A Single-Subject Study
A Study Of The Resistive Forces Provided By Elastic Supplemental Band Resistance During The Back Squat Exercise: A Case Report
Prelanned And Reactive Agility Training Influence On Agility Test Performance In Male Adolescents
Influence Of Prior Exercise On Skill And Fitness Measurements In Female Soccer Athletes
Lag Time: The Effect Of A Two Week Cessation From Resistance Training On Force, Velocity And Power In Elite Softball Players
A Study Of The Power Production And The Muscle Activity During Bench Press And Elbow Curl
Relationship Of Backward Overhead Medicine Ball Throw With Olympic Weightlifting Performances
Effects Of A16-Week Employee-Based Walking Program On Selected Physical Fitness Components
The Effect Of Cryotherpay On Eccentric Peak Torque Recovery After Intense Eccentric Exercise
The Effect Of Cryotherpay On Quadriceps Point Tenderness After Intense Eccentric Exercise
Effect Of Gender And Exercise Type On Relative Hand Grip Strength
The Contribution Of Volume Load Variation On Strength And Hypertrophy During Unilateral Resistance Training In The Elbow Flexors
Effect Of Remote Voluntary Contractions On Squat And Jump Squat Kinetics
Hamstring To Quadriceps Timing And Activation Ratios Of High School Athletes During Cutting And Jumping
The Effect Of Saddle Height On Anaerobic Power In Trained Cyclists
Directing Attentional Focus Does Not Influence Standing Broad Jump Performance
Low Intensity Vertebral Mechanical Axial Traction Decreases Lower Extremity Performance In Healthy Subjects
A Comparison Of Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment Techniques On Collegiate Gymnasts
The Effects Of Rest Interval Length On Bench Press Performance In Resistance-Trained Men And Women
Comparison Of Two Strategies On Recovery After Exhaustive Exercise
Comparison Of Two Base Stealing Techniques In Division I Baseball Players
Agonist- Antagonist Muscle Balance: Effects On Explosive Upper-Body Exercise In Trained Male Athletes
The Effect Of A Competitive Collegiate Season On Drop Jump Performance Characteristics In Women Basketball Players: Pilot Study
The Effects Of Heavy-Loaded Squats On Performance During Plyometric Jumps
The Influence Of Flexibility On The Stretching-Induced Force Deficit And Maximal Joint Range Of Motion
A Comparison Of Muscle Activation Between A Smith Machine And Free Weight Bench Press
Job Satisfaction Of Division I-AA Collegiate Strength And Conditioning Coaches
Effect Of Different Set Configurations On Barbell Velocity During Cleans
Anthropometry As A Predictor Of Front Squat Performance In College Football Players
An Analysis Of Playing Positions In Elite International Mens' Volleyball: Considerations For Competition Demands And Physiological Characteristics
Influence Of Exercise Order On Maximum Strength And Muscle Volume In Nonlinear Periodized Resistance Training
Acute Pre-Exercise Supplementation Improves Times To Exhaustion During High-Intensity Running In Men And Women
Training Impulse (Trimp) During Practice And Games For Elite Level Youth Ice Hockey Players
Influence Of Stance Width On Power Production During The Barbell Squat
The Relationship Between Static Strength, Rotational Strength, Rotational Power, Bat Speed, And Batted-Ball Velocity Of NCAA Division I Baseball Players
The Relationship Between Speed And Agility Of Professional Arena League Football Players
Comparison Of Distances Covered By A Soccer Referee During High School And College Matches
Acute Effects Of Depth Jump Volume On Vertical Jump Performance In Ncaa Di Women Soccer Players
Linearity And Reliability Of The Emg Amplitude Versus Dynamic Torque Relationship For The Vastus Lateralis
Relationship Between Strength, Power, Lean Body Mass, And Baseball-Specific Skills
Effect Of Medicine Ball Training On Bat Swing And Batted-Ball Velocities Of Novice Participants
Physiological And Anthropometric Characteristics Of College Baseball Players Over An Entire Year
Body Composition In Division II Football Players
The Effect Of Weightlifting Training On The Testosterone:cortisol Ratio
Effect Of Bosu Balance Trainer® Vs Original Step® On Health- And Skill-Related Components Of Physical Fitness
The Effect Of An Extended Warm-Up On Diurnal Performance Differences In Loaded Counter-Movement Jumps
Relationships Between Body Composition And Performance Measures In Division Iii Football Players
Relationship Between Somatotype And Body Composition In Japanese College Athletes
The Motion Analysis Of Side-Step Cutting In Football Players
Effect Of 10 Repetitions Of Box Jumps And Depth Jumps On Peak Ground Reaction Force
Rate Of Velocity Development Positively Correlates With Quadriceps Cross Sectional Area
The Effect Of A Competitive Collegiate Basketball Season On Recovery Cue Seven Questionnaire Scores And Drop Jump Height A Pilot Study
Surveying The Nutritional Habits And Behaviors Of NCAA-Division III Athletes
Effects Of Resistance Training Volume And Whey Protein Supplementation On Lower-Body Strength And Muscle Cross-Sectional Area
The Ergogenic Effects Of Carbohydrate Supplementation On Force Output And Slope Of Fatigue During A Selected Resistance Protocol
Comparative Force Outputs From Non-Centered Accelerometers During Loaded Barbell Jump Squats
Muscle Vibration's Effect On The Threshold Frequency Of An Electrically Induced Muscle Cramp
Comparison Of Body Composition Assessment Techniques In A Non-Athletic, Non-Obese Young Adult Population
Comparison Of The Us Army Tape Test To Skin Fold And Underwater Weighing Measures Of Body Composition
Trimps For Forwards And Defensemen During Ice Hockey Games On Different Sized Rinks On Consecutive Days
The Relationship Between Isometric And Dynamic Strength In College Aged Males
Relationships Between Reactive Leg Strength Index And Average Running Velocity During 5000M Race For Long Distance Runner
Gender Comparisons Of Anthropometric Characteristics Of Young Sprint Swimmers