Anthropometry Increases 1 Repetition Maximum Predictive Ability of NFL-225 Test for Division IA College Football Players
Differences in Strength and Conditioning Coach Self-Perception of Leadership Style Behaviors at the National Basketball Association, Division I-A, and Division II Levels
Evaluation of Ultrasound Velocity to Assess the Hydration Status of Wrestlers
Effect of Expertise Level on the Perceptual Characteristics of Gymnasts
Diurnal Variation of Hamstring and Lumbar Flexibility
Profiles of Trunk and Thigh Muscularity in Youth and Professional Soccer Players
Relationships between Power and Strength of the Upper and Lower Limb Muscles and Throwing Velocity in Male Handball Players
The Assessment of Maximal Aerobic Power With the Multistage Fitness Test in Young Women Soccer Players
Examination of Repeated Sprinting Ability and Fatigue Index of Soccer Players According to Their Positions
Fitness Test Profiles As Determined by the Eurofit Test Battery in Elite Female Gaelic Football Players
Relationships Among Balance, Visual Search, and Lacrosse-Shot Accuracy
Kinetic Analysis of Concurrent Activation Potentiation during Back Squats and Jump Squats
The Three-Dimensional Kinematics of a Barbell During the Snatch of Taiwanese Weightlifters
The Effect of Sprint and Endurance Training on Electromyogram Signal Analysis by Wavelets
Electromyographic Analysis of Upper Body, Lower Body, and Abdominal Muscles During Advanced Swiss Ball Exercises
The Modified Dmax Method is Reliable to Predict the Second Ventilatory Threshold in Elite Cross-Country Skiers
A Comparison of Isokinetic and Functional Methods of Assessing Bilateral Strength Imbalance
Validity and Reliability of a New Test of Upper Body Power
Analysis of Factors That Influence the Maximum Number of Repetitions in Two Upper-Body Resistance Exercises: Curl Biceps and Bench Press
Exercise Order Interacts With Rest Interval During Upper-Body Resistance Exercise
Influence of Different Ranges of Motion on Selective Recruitment of Shoulder Muscles in the Sitting Military Press: An Electromyographic Study
Effects of Combined Strength and Endurance Training on Treadmill Load Carrying Walking Performance in Aging Men
Reach Height and Jump Displacement: Implications for Standardization of Reach Determination
Estimating the Perceived Exertion Threshold Using the OMNI Scale
Short-Term Effect of Strength Training With and Without Superimposed Electrical Stimulation on Muscle Strength and Anaerobic Performance. A Randomized Controlled Trial. Part I
Short-Term Effect of Plyometrics and Strength Training With and Without Superimposed Electrical Stimulation on Muscle Strength and Anaerobic Performance: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Part II
Pre-exercise Intake of Different Carbohydrates Modifies Ischemic Reactive Hyperemia After a Session of Anaerobic, But Not After Aerobic Exercise
Effect of Gender on the Metabolic Impact of a Commercially Available Thermogenic Drink
Comparison of Energy Expenditure on a Treadmill vs. an Elliptical Device at a Self-Selected Exercise Intensity
Is Acute Static Stretching Able to Reduce the Time to Exhaustion at Power Output Corresponding to Maximal Oxygen Uptake?
Creatine Kinase and Lactate Dehydrogenase Responses After Upper-Body Resistance Exercise With Different Rest Intervals
Influence of Instruction Conditions on the Evaluation of Muscular Endurance Based on Muscle Oxygenation
Quantifying the Movement and the Influence of Load in the Back Squat Exercise
Benefits of Motor Imagery Training on Muscle Strength
Acute cardiovascular response in anabolic androgenic steroid users performing maximal treadmill exercise testing
Shoulder Injuries Attributed to Resistance Training: A Brief Review
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