The Effect of a Low Carbohydrate Beverage with Added Protein on Cycling Endurance Performance in Trained Athletes
Acute Effect of Nitric Oxide Supplement on Blood Nitrate/Nitrite and Hemodynamic Variables in Resistance Trained Men
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Effects of 21 Days of Intensified Training on Markers of Overtraining
Comparison of Speed and Agility Performance of College Football Players on Field Turf and Natural Grass
Gender Differences in Musculotendinous Stiffness and Range of Motion After an Acute Bout of Stretching
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Effects of in-Season Short-Term Plyometric Training Program on Leg Power, Jump- and Sprint Performance of Soccer Players
Development of Anthropometric and Physical Performance Profiles of Young Elite Male Soccer Players: A Longitudinal study
Intensity and Duration of Intermittent Exercise and Recovery During a Soccer Match
Relationship Between the 20-m Multistage Shuttle Run Test and 2 Soccer-Specific Field Tests for the Assessment of Aerobic Fitness in Adult Semi-professional Soccer Players
Acute Effect of Different Stretching Methods on Illinois Agility Test in Soccer Players
Effect of 4 Months of Training on Aerobic Power, Strength, and Acceleration in Two Under-19 Soccer Teams
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Deadlift Muscle Force and Activation Under Stable and Unstable Conditions
The Lumbar and Sacrum Movement Pattern During the Back Squat Exercise
Effectiveness of the 1RM Estimation Method Based on Isometric Squat Using A Back-Dynamometer
Influence of Hip External Rotation on Hip Adductor and Rectus Femoris Myoelectric Activity During a Dynamic Parallel Squat
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Bilateral Contact Ground Reaction Forces and Contact Times During Plyometric Drop Jumping
Effects of a Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training on Running Performance and Running Economy in Recreational Marathon Runners
Upper-Body Strength Gains from Different Modes of Resistance Training in Women Who are Underweight and Women Who are Obese
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Data Reliability From an Instrumented Vertical Jump Platform
Arm Crank Ergometer is Reliable and Valid for Measuring Aerobic Capacity During Submaximal Exercise
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Performance Differences Between Sexes in the Pop-Up Phase of Surfing
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Agonist-Antagonist Paired Set Resistance Training: A Brief Review
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