Neuromuscular Training Improves Knee Kinematics, in Particular in Valgus Aligned Adolescent Team Handball Players of Both Sexes
Power Output in the Jump Squat in Adolescent Male Athletes
Translation of Exercise Testing to Exercise Prescription Using the Talk Test
Validity and Reliability Analysis of Cooper's 12-Minute Run and the Multistage Shuttle Run in Healthy Adults
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A New Progression Scale for Common Lower-Limb Rehabilitation Tasks
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Effects of Saddle Height on Economy and Anaerobic Power in Well-Trained Cyclists
Medial and Lateral Gastrocnemius Activation Differences During Heel-Raise Exercise with Three Different Foot Positions
Isolated and Combined Effects of Aerobic and Strength Exercise on Post-exercise Blood Pressure and Cardiac Vagal Reactivation in Normotensive Men
Time-Motion Analysis of International and National Level Futsal
Mechanical Scale and Load Cell Underwater Weighing: A Comparison of Simultaneous Measurements and the Reliability of Methods
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Strength and Conditioning Practices in Rowing
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Metabolic Responses to Wii Fit™ Video Games at Different Game Levels
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The Influence of Variable Range of Motion Training on Neuromuscular Performance and Control of External Loads
Effect of Core Stability Training on Throwing Velocity in Female Handball Players
Comparative Effect of Interval and Continuous Training Programs on Serum Uric Acid in Management of Hypertension: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Longitudinal Changes in Bone Mineral Density in Male Master Cyclists and Nonathletes
The Influence of Periodized Resistance Training on Strength Changes in Men and Women
Acute Effects of Two Different Stretching Methods on Local Muscular Endurance Performance
Notational Analysis of American Women's Collegiate Water Polo Matches
Effects of Strength, Endurance, and Concurrent Training on Aerobic Power and Dynamic Neuromuscular Economy in Elderly Men
Recovery after Heavy Resistance Exercise and Skeletal Muscle Androgen Receptor and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Isoform Expression in Strength Trained Men
Effects of Heat Exposure and 3% Dehydration Achieved Via Hot Water Immersion on Repeated Cycle Sprint Performance
Serum Sex Hormone–Binding Globulin and Cortisol Concentrations are Associated With Overreaching During Strenuous Military Training
Oxidative Stress Biomarker Responses To an Acute Session of Hypertrophy-Resistance Traditional Interval Training and Circuit Training
Blood Oxidative Stress Markers After Ultramarathon Swimming
The Effect of High- vs. Low-Intensity Training on Aerobic Capacity in Well-Trained Male Middle-Distance Runners
Validity of the Wingate Anaerobic Test for the Evaluation of Elite Runners
Effects of 14-Week Swimming Training Program on the Psychological, Hormonal, and Physiological Parameters of Elite Women Athletes
JOURNAL/jscr/beta/00124278-201103000-00034/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-05-04T193058Z/r/image-png o2max and ventilatory threshold of trained cyclists are not affected by 28-day l-arginine supplementation
Three Days of Static Stretching Within a Warm-Up Does Not Affect Repeated-Sprint Ability in Youth Soccer Players
Variability in Muscle Dysmorphia Symptoms: The Influence of Weight Training
The Reliability and Validity of Subjective Notational Analysis in Comparison to Global Positioning System Tracking to Assess Athlete Movement Patterns
Applicability of a Change of Direction Ability Field Test in Soccer Assistant Referees
Three Methods of Calculating Force-Time Variables in the Rebound Jump Squat
Does Side Dominance Affect the Symmetry of Barbell End Kinematics during Lower-Body Resistance Exercise?
National Strength and Conditioning Association 2010 Conference Abstracts