Reactive Strength Index and Ground Contact Time: Reliability, Precision, and Association with Drop Vertical Jump Displacement
A Comparison Between Male and Female Strength to Body Mass Ratios and Varus/Valgus Knee Angles During Jump Landings
Movement Screening for Performance: What Information Do We Need to Guide Exercise Progression?
Development and Validation of a Clinic-Based ACL Injury Risk Prediction Algorithm for Use in Targeted Neuromuscular Injury Prevention Training
Running Impulse, Functional Strength and Dynamic Balance Asymmetry in Healthy Recreational Runners
The Effects of Chronic Stretch Training on Muscle Strength
The Influence of Muscle-Tendon Unit Structure on Rate of Force Development, During the Squat, Countermovement, and Depth Drop Jumps
Influence of Individual Response to Recovery Time in Complex Training on Lower-Body Power Output
Acute Effects of Static Stretching on Leg Extension and Flexion Peak Torque and the Hamstrings-to-Quadriceps Conventional and Functional Ratios
The Effects of 3 Different Modes of Training Upon Measures of CMVJ Performance
The Effect of Leucine Supplementation on Muscle Damage and Muscular Function Following Eccentric Exercise
The Effect of Resistance and Plyometric Training on Hamstring and Quadriceps Activation During Simulated Sports Movement
EEG Measures of Cortical Activity Return to Baseline Within 24 Hours Despite Differential Protocols Emphasizing Force, Power, and Volume
Anthropometric and Performance Changes in NCAA Division III College Football Athletes
Use of a Counter-Balance Weight Affects Measurements of Bench Press Throw Performance
The Relationship of Belt Rank Level and Incidence of Reported Injury in Submission Wrestling At the 2009 Worlds No-Gi Championship
The Difference of Physical Abilities Between Youth Soccer Player and Professional Soccer Player: An Training Implication
Benefits of Neuromuscular Training Program for Knee Injury Prevention and Perfromance Enhancement in High School Female Basketball Players
Explosive Leg Press Stretch-Shortening Potentiation
Quantifying Training Load for Free Sprint, Resisted Sprint, Plyometrics and Weights Training with Session-RPE in Field Sport Athletes
Whole Body Vibration vs. Gluteal Muscle Activation: What are the Acute Effects on Explosive Power?
Association of Accelerometer-Derived Jump Squat Power with Drop Vertical Jump Displacement
Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Accurately Tracks Fat-Free Mass Changes in Older Men and Women: A Four-Compartment Molecular Model Validation
Efficacy of Potentiation of Performance Through Overweight Implement Throws on High School Weight Throwers
Relibility and Interpretation of a Tennis Specific Repeated Sprint Protocol in Elite Athletes
Evaluation of Circuit Training Workout Intensity for Firefighters
Effects of Low Dose Buccal Caffeine on Muscle Endurance and Anaerobic Performance
Relationships Between Muscular Strength and Batting Performances in Collegiate Baseball Athletes
Short-Term Effects of Two Resistance Training Periodization Models (Linear Vs Undulating) on Strength and Power of the Lower-Body in a Group of Elderly Men
Comparison of Performance Variables and Muscle Activity During the Squat and Box Squat
Hip and Knee Moments During Regular and Counter-Balance Squats
The Effects of Creatine Loading and Gender on Anaerobic Running Capacity
The Minimal Difference Needed to Be Considered Real and the Standard Error of Measurement for Examining Barbell Velocity During the Bench Press
The Influence of Ratio and Allometric Scaling Procedures for Normalizing Upper Body Power Output in Division I Collegiate Football Players
Pilot Study of the Physical Demands and Conditioning Practices of Short Track Stock Car Drivers
The Relationship Between Selected Performance Variables and 2,000-Meter Rowing Performance in NCAA D1 Female Collegiate Rowers
The Effect of Creatine Loading on Neuromuscular Function
Strength and Conditioning Practices in a Sample of Varsity High School Athletic Programs in Idaho
Acute Effects of Static Stretching in the Manifestation of Neuromuscular Fatigue in Submaximal Isometric Contraction
Finding Statistical Significance with Elite Female Athletes
The Application of a Systems Model to the Training and Performance of Adolescent Swimmers
The Relationship Between Skinfold Thicknesses and Mechanomyography At Different Locations on the Vastus Lateralis During Incremental Cycle Ergometry
The Relationship Between Skinfold Thickness and the Amplitude and Frequency Domains of the Surface Electromyographic Signal During Cycle Ergometry
The Effects of Reduced Air Flow Method on Time to Exhaustion and Oxygen Consumption During Maximal Aerobic Assessment Cycle Ergometer Condition
The Effects of Foam Rolling on Myofascial Release and Performance
A Novel Equation to Estimate Peak Power in Young Athletes
Central Vs. Peripheral Manifestations of Neuromuscular Force in Persons with Parkinson's Disease
Effect of Squat Depth Training on Vertical Jump Performance
Effects of Aging on Intramuscular ATP and Creatine
The Discovery of a Novel Gene in Human Skeletal Muscle with Implication to Steroid Cellular Transport
Oxygen Saturation in Right and Left Vastus Lateralis During Split Squat Exercise in Speed Skaters
Effects of a 30-Day Fitness Challenge on Body Composition and Health Markers in Sedentary Women
The Influence of Different Volumes of a Sport Specific Warm-Up on Muscle Strength Endurance
The Accuracy of a BMI-Based Equation in Predicting Percent Body Fat in College-Age Female Athletes
Physical Determinants of Velocity and Agility in High School Football Players: Differences Between Position Groups
Comparison of Accelerometer Based Vertical Jump Assessments to a Linear Position Transducer Plus Force Plate System
Effects of Resistance Training and Whey Protein Supplementation on Body Composition, Strength, Endurance, and Muscle Cross-Sectional Area
Predicting Body Fat to the Accuracy of Dexa Using Standard Anthropometric Measures
The Effect of Remote Voluntary Contractions on Non-Active Muscles
Differences in the Mechanomyographic Amplitude Versus Force Relationships Between Young and Old During Isometric Ramped Muscle Actions
Acute Effect of Blood Pressure in Whole Body Vibration in Different Intensities During Squat
Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of the Squat with and Without Knee Wraps
The Effects of a Proprietary Ergogenic Supplement on Strength, Body Composition, Sleep, and Mood in Resistance-Trained Males
A Model for Prescribing the Percentage of Oxygen Uptake for Athletes
Validation of a Rotary Encoder and Power Prediction Equations During a Jump Squat
The Acute Effect of Whole Body Vibration on 30 Meter Fly Sprint Performance in NCAA Division I Sprinters and Jumpers
Comparing Lower-Limb Asymmetries in NCAA D-I Male and Female Athletes
Comparison of Peer Mentoring and Student Mentoring in a 35-Week Fitness Program for Older Adults
Practical Occlusion: A Mode to Increase Low Load Intensity
Effect of Remote Voluntary Contractions on Knee Extensor Torque and RVD
Attitudes Toward Competitive Versus Recreational Non-Medical Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Users
Effect of Swim Sprints on Throwing Accuracy and Velocity in Female Collegiate Water Polo Players
Effects of Different Levels of Assisted Jumping on Peak Velocity, Takeoff Velocity and Relative Rate of Force Development
Seasonal Changes in Body Composition of Elite Ice Hockey Players
Effect of Visual Training on Batting Performance and Pitch Recognition of Division I Softball Players
The Influence of Ankle Taping on Selected Lower Extremity Kinematics During Treadmill Running
Differences in Grip Strength, Adductor Strength and External Hip Rotation Range of Motion Between Trained Grapplers and Recreationally Trained Males
Effect of Power-Assisted Isokinetic Activity in Reducing Sarcopenia in Elderly Men
Contact Time Predicts Coupling Time in Slow Stretch-Shortening Cycle Jumps
Body Image Concerns in African American College Women: Athletes Versus Non-Athletes
Examining Motivation, Goal Orientation, Coaching, and Training Habits of Female Ultrarunners
Criterion Validity of Accelerometer-Derived Peak Velocity During Jump Squats
Energy Expenditure During Sub-Maximal Running on a Non-Motorized Treadmill
Association of Accelerometer-Derived Jump Squat Peak Velocity with Drop Vertical Jump Displacement
A Comparison of the Physiological Profiles of Mixed Martial Artists and Football, Basketball, and Baseball Players
The Educational and Research Potential of Video Analysis Software
Skill-Related Fitness of Undergraduate Kinesiology Students
A Preliminary Investigation Into the Effect of Kinesio and Athletic Tape on Skin Blood Flow Changes
The Relationship Between Exercise Selection and Reported Shoulder Pain During Weight Training
Dynamic Balance Abilities of Collegiate Males for the Bench Press
Effects of Daily Physical Activity Level on Circadian Rhythm of Oral Body Temperature and Melatonin in Children
Multiple Sprint Performance and Wingate Measures Following Acute Caffeine Ingestion
The Influence of Electrode Placement on the Physical Working Capacity At the Fatigue Threshold
Effect of Rest Interval Following Whole-Body Vibration on Vertical Jump Performance
Post-Exercise Blood Lactate Concentration and Maximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit
Anabolic Hormonal Responses to an Acute Bout of Suspension Training
Effects of Suspension Training on the Growth Hormone Axis
The Effect of Intermittent Ice Application on Dynamic Postural Control
Relationship Between Soccer Specific Skills and Anthropometric Data in NCAA Division I Female Soccer Athletes
Effect of Preseason Over-Weighted Medicine Ball Training on Throwing Velocity
Clinical Outcomes of Isotonic Resistance Training for a Female with Stable Chronic Heart Failure
Quantification of the Dynamic Balance of Women During Plyometric Landings
Relationship Between Lower Body Power, Body Mass, and Softball-Specific Skills
Perceived Self-Knowledge of Sports Nutrition of Attendees At Nsca 2008 National Conference
Effects of a 4-Week Squat Training Program with and Without Whole-Body Vibration on a Series of Athletic Measures
The Kansas Squat Test Protocol Comparision: Smith Machine vs Free-Weights
Intersession Reliability of Three Devices Used to Measure Countermovement Vertical Jump Height
Instrumentation of an Inertial Kinetic Exercise Device with a Dual Axis Accelerometer
Effects of Learning Trials on Self-Selected Resistance Training Loads, During Circuit Weight Training, in Young Healthy Untrained Males
The Effects of a Commercially Available Energy Drink on Vertical Jump Performance
Effects of Assisted Jumping on Relative Impact Force and Descent Velocity
Effects of Various Warm-Up Devices on Bat Swing Velocity of College Softball Players
Maintaining a High Protein Diet While Participating in a Resistance Training Program Does Not Affect Markers of Bone Health in Women
Prediction of One Repetition Maximum Bench Press From Push-Ups in College-Aged Females
Effect of Heavy Resistance Training on Low- and High-Intensity Upper-Body Work Capacity in College Men
Practical Occlusion: Ratings of Pain and Exertion Following 2 Sets to Muscular Failure
Single Arm Chest Pass to Determine Upper Extremity Strength and Power Asymmetries
Knee Musculature Co-Contraction Following Extended Durations of Walking in Work Boots
The Effect of Sugar-Free Energy Drinks on Upper Body Strength and Muscular Endurance in Males
Comparison of Agility, Body Composition, Strength, and Power in NCAA Division I and Division III Female Athletes
What are You Taking? Sources of Information and Motivation for Nutritional and Performance Enhancement Supplement Use in High School Athletes
Relationship Between Impulse, Peak Force and Jump Squat Performance with Variation in Loading and Squat Depth
The Relationship Between Selected Anthropometric Variables, Vo2Max, and Heart Rate Recovery
Physical Fitness Profile of Interagency Hotshot Firefighters
The Effects of Warm-Up Duration on 1-Repetition Maximum Leg Press/Bench Press and Push-Ups to Exhaustion
Relationship Between Body Composition and Performance Measures in NCAA Division III Women's Volleyball Players
Reliability of Kinematic and Kinetic Measures of Jump Performance Using Accelerometry
The Accuracy of Selected Equations to Predict Maximal Heart Rate in African American Men
Effectiveness of Traditional and Sling Exercise Strength Training in Novice Women
Glucocorticoid Receptor Expression on Human B-Cells in Response to Acute Heavy Resistance Exercise
An Examination of the Stretching Pereceptions and Practicesof Division I College Volleyball Programs in the United States
Assisted and Resisted Sprint Training: Effects on 13.7 M Speed, Speed with Direction Change, and Peak Power in Division I Female Soccer Athletes
Effect of Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Sprint Endurance
Benefits of a University Karate Class on Markers of Fitness
The Relationship Between Squat Strength, Vertical Jump, and Power Score of High School Football Players
Male and Female Differences in Perceived Social Support From Strength Coaches Among Injured Student-Athletes
Reproducibility of a Simulated 20-kM Time Trial in Competitive Cyclists and Triathletes
Comparison of Post-Exercise Recovery Strategies on Isokinetic Strength, Perceived Muscle Soreness and Mood State After Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
Comparison of Post-Exercise Recovery Methods on Performance Markers, Latate and Psycohological Mood States Elicited By Endurance Cycling
An Evaluation of the Relationships Between Core Stability, Core Strength, and Running Economy in Trained Runners
The Effects of Resistance Exercise Rest Interval Length Manipulation on Exercise Kinetics and Kinematics: A Gender Comparison
Comparison of Agility, Power and Strength Values Between NCAA Division III and NCAA Division I Male Basketball, Baseball and Football Athletes
Upper Body Strength and Power Characteristics in Female Fastpitch Athletes
Acute Endocrine Responses to Maximal Velocity Barbell Squats with Three Different Loads
Reliability of Accelerometer Based Performance Measurements During Countermovement Vertical Jumps and the Influence of Sampling Frequency
Body Fat Percentage in College-Age Female Athletes as Estimated Via Four Selected Skinfold Equations: A Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Validation
The Effects of Dynamic Compound Lower Body Resistance Training on Gait and Functional Ability in the Elderly
Relationship Between Anthropometric Characteristics of Indoor Rock Climbers and Top Roped Climbing Performance
The Effects of Separate Plyometric, Sprint/Resistance, and Resistance Training on High and Low Speed Muscular Strength
Prediction Models of Speed and Agility in NFL Combine Attendees
Effects of Resistance Exercise on the HPA Axis Response to Psychological Stress During Short-Term Smoking Abstinence in Men
Relationship Between Cognitive Function and Dynamic Balance in Older Adults
Correlation of Height and Preseason Bench Press 1Rm to Shot Put and Weight Throw Performance During the Competitive Season
Concurrent Validity a Portable Device for Assessing Leg Extensor Muscle Function Under Stretch-Shortening Cycle Conditions
Relationship Between Exercise Habits and Age of College Students
Hand-Grip Strength as a Predictor of Muscular Strength and Endurance
The 90-Second Dumbbell Swing as a Test of Muscular Endurance
Evaluation of Recovery in Collegiate Female Swimmers During a Competitive Season
The Influence of Betaine Supplementation on Work Performance and Endocrine Function in Men
Manipulation of Duration and Intensity on Muscle Activation and Perception of Effort in an Eccentric and Concentric Bench Press Movement
Skinfold Thickness is Related to Cardiovascular Autonomic Control as Assessed By Resting Heart Rate Variability
Electromyographic Analysis of Abdominal and Low Back Muscle Activity During Core Exercises Performed Conventially and Using a Portable Training Device
The Effect of Core Training on Tennis Serve Velocity
Combine Performance Descriptors for Top High School Football Recruits Across Position From 2001-2009: Is There a Relationship Between Recruit Ranking and Performance?
The Influence of Agility Training on Physiological and Cognitive Performance
Competitive Performance Compared to Combine Performance as a Valid Predictor of NFL Draft Status
Seasonal Changes of Drop Jump Performance and Recovery-Stres Scores in Collegiate Soccer Players
Under Recovery and Drop Jump Characteristics During a Collegiate Basketball Season in Female Basketball Players
Category Ratio Ratings of Perceived Exertion is Not Related to the Stress of a Squat Resistance Exercise Workout as Reflected By Heart Rate and Load Intensity
The Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Lower Body Strength and Power in NCAA Division III Collegiate Softball Players
The Relation Between Field Tests and Novice Success in Olympic-Style Weightlifting
Energy Expenditure While Walking on a Non-Motorized Treadmill
No Effect of Dimethlyglycine on Maximal Aerobic Power
Effects of Plyometric Training Using a Portable Self-Coaching System on Running Performance and Biomechanical Variables in Jump Exercises
Motor Unit Recruitment of Abdominal Flexors in Two Common Exercise Positions
Effect of L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate Ingestion on Muscular Strength and Endurance
The Effect of a Multi-Ingredient High Caffeine Pre-Exercise Supplement on Strength Power and Body Composision in 8 Weeks of Resistance Training
Comparison of Two Common Core Training Exercises to a Functional Activity in Trunk Flexors
Comparison of Functional Movements of the Trunk Flexors
Use of a Physiological Monitoring System to Determine Ventilatory Threshold
Dismount of the Goat Tyer Athlete
Pilot Study: The Influence of Grip Width on Barbell Displacement and Shoulder Range of Motion When Performing the Bench Press
EEG Measures of Cortical Activity with Different Types of Acute Resistance Exercise Workouts
The Effect of Recovery Time on Subsequent 2K Performance in NCAA Division I Competitive Women Collegiate Rowers
Comparison of Traditional Versus Daily Undulating Periodized Training Among D-1Collegiate Throwers: An Exploratory Study
The Effect of 4 Months Whole Body Vibration of on Bone Mineral Density of Division I Cross Country/Distance Runners
Acute Effects of Dynamic and Static Whole Body Vibration on Power Output
Health-Related Fitness of Undergraduate Kinesiology Majors
Inter- and Intra-Correlations of Jump Performance Tests in Female Collegiate Volleyball Players
The Effect of Agility, Plyometric, and Sprint Training on the Speed, Endurance and Power of High School Soccer Players
A Novel Approach for Interpreting the Incremental Load-Power Profile
The Effects of Pre-Season and In-Season Neuromuscular Training on the Tuck Jump Assessment: A Test Used to Identify Risk of ACL Injury in Female Athletes
The Relationship of BMI to Grade Point Average, Age and Multiple Fitness Tests
Effect of Various Warm-Up Devices on Bat Swing Velocity of College Baseball Players
Relationships Between Sports Performance Variables and Bat Swing Velocity of Collegiate Baseball Players