Upper-Body Anthropometric and Strength Measures and Their Relationship to Start Time in Elite Luge Athletes
The Effect of Assisted and Resisted Sprint Training on Acceleration and Velocity in Division IA Female Soccer Athletes
Effects of In-Season Strength Maintenance Training Frequency in Professional Soccer Players
Positional Physical Characteristics of Players Drafted Into the National Football League
A Comparison of Cutting Technique Performance in Rugby Union Players
Effect of Velocity and Added Resistance on Selected Coordination and Force Parameters in Front Crawl
Inspiratory Muscle Fatigue Significantly Affects Breathing Frequency, Stroke Rate, and Stroke Length during 200-m Front-Crawl Swimming
Group Training in Adolescent Runners: Influence on JOURNAL/jscr/beta/00124278-201110000-00008/ENTITY_OV0312/v/2017-05-04T193119Z/r/image-png o2max and 5km Race Performance
Factors That Differentiate Acceleration Ability in Field Sport Athletes
Training Specificity of Hurdle vs. Countermovement Jump Training
Stepping Back to Improve Sprint Performance: A Kinetic Analysis of the First Step Forwards
Individual Match Playing Time During the Season Affects Fitness-Related Parameters of Male Professional Soccer Players
Improving the Q:H Strength Ratio in Women Using Plyometric Exercises
Exercise Intensity and Technical Demands of Small-Sided Games in Young Brazilian Soccer Players: Effect of Number of Players, Maturation, and Reliability
Anthropometrical, Physiological, and Tracked Power Profiles of Elite Taekwondo Athletes 9 Weeks before the Olympic Competition Phase
Optimal Load Maximizes the Mean Mechanical Power Output During Upper Extremity Exercise in Highly Trained Soccer Players
Using Three-Dimensional Kinematics to Identify Feedback for The Snatch: A Case Study
A Subsequent Movement Alters Lower Extremity Muscle Activity and Kinetics in Drop Jumps vs. Drop Landings
Repeated-Sprint and Effort Ability in Rugby League Players
Impact of Testing Strategy on Expression of Upper-Body Work Capacity and One-Repetition Maximum Prediction after Resistance Training in College-Aged Men and Women
Effects of Intensive Physical Rehabilitation on Neuromuscular Adaptations in Adults with Poststroke Hemiparesis
Recovery Patterns in Electroencephalographic Global Field Power During Maximal Isometric Force Production
Patellofemoral Knee Pain Treatment Using Neuromuscular Retraining of The Hip Musculature in an Adolescent Female: A Case Report
Motivation, Goal Orientation, Coaching, and Training Habits of Women Ultrarunners
Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption is Unaffected by the Resistance and Aerobic Exercise Order in an Exercise Session
Impact Force and Time Analysis Influenced by Execution Distance in a Roundhouse Kick to the Head in Taekwondo
Repeated-Sprint Ability and Aerobic Fitness
The Effects of Mouthpiece Use on Cortisol Levels During an Intense Bout of Resistance Exercise
Performance Measures of NCAA Baseball Tryouts Obtained From The New 60-yd Run-Shuttle
Effect of Strength Training and the Practice of Alpine Skiing on Bone Mass Density, Growth, Body Composition, and the Strength and Power of the Legs of Adolescent Skiers
Kinetic Analysis of Several Variations of Push-Ups
Evaluation of Circuit-Training Intensity for Firefighters
Effects of Gradual-Elastic Compression Stockings on Running Economy, Kinematics, and Performance in Runners
How Performing a Repetitive One-Legged Stance Modifies Two-Legged Postural Control
Strongmen Sport is Associated with Larger Absolute Heart Size and Impaired Cardiac Relaxation
Visualization of the Passive Sink Phenomenon in Nonexercising Muscle Using 2 Sampling Sites: Consequences for Assessment and Training
Discriminative Ability of The Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test (Level 1) in Prospective Young Soccer Players
Relationship Between Anthropometric and Physiological Characteristics in Youth Soccer Players
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