Measuring Achilles Tendon Mechanical Properties
Primitive Running
Effects of an Individualized Soccer Match Simulation on Vertical Stiffness and Impedance
Factors Affecting Exercise Intensity in Rugby-Specific Small-Sided Games
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Physical Fitness of Elite Belgian Soccer Players by Player Position
Using Heart Rate to Detect High-Intensity Efforts During Professional Soccer Competition
Acute Effects of Reducing Vertical Displacement and Step Frequency on Running Economy
Effects of Proprioceptive Training Program on Core Stability and Center of Gravity Control in Sprinters
Associations of Maximal Strength and Muscular Endurance Test Scores with Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Body Composition
Detraining Increases Body Fat and Weight and Decreases V[Combining Dot Above]O2peak and Metabolic Rate
Bioenergetics and Neuromuscular Determinants of the Time to Exhaustion at Velocity Corresponding to V[Combining Dot Above]O2max in Recreational Long-Distance Runners
Improving General Flexibility with a Mind-Body Approach
Effect of the Power Balance® Band on Static Balance, Hamstring Flexibility, and Arm Strength in Adults
Effect of Stretch Frequency and Sex on the Rate of Gain and Rate of Loss in Muscle Flexibility During a Hamstring-Stretching Program
Muscle Mass Gain After Resistance Training Is Inversely Correlated With Trunk Adiposity Gain in Postmenopausal Women
Effect of Range of Motion on Muscle Strength and Thickness
Anthropometric Profile, Vertical Jump, and Throwing Velocity in Elite Female Handball Players by Playing Positions
Gender Differences in Knee Stability in Response to Whole-Body Vibration
Effects of 12-Week Medicine Ball Training on Muscle Strength and Power in Young Female Handball Players
The Rate of Force Development Obtained at Early Contraction Phase Is Not Influenced by Active Static Stretching
Long-Term Training Adaptations in Elite Male Volleyball Players
Salivary Cortisol and Immunoglobulin A Responses to Simulated and Official Jiu-Jitsu Matches
Olympic Weightlifting Training Causes Different Knee Muscle–Coactivation Adaptations Compared with Traditional Weight Training
Resting Salivary Levels of IgA and Cortisol Are Significantly Affected During Intensive Resistance Training Periods in Elite Male Weightlifters
Longitudinal Changes in Response to a Cycle-Run Field Test of Young Male National “Talent identification” and Senior Elite Triathlon Squads
Ground Reaction Force Patterns in Plyometric Push-Ups
Kettlebell Swing Training Improves Maximal and Explosive Strength
Effects of a Carbohydrate-, Protein-, and Ribose-Containing Repletion Drink During 8 Weeks of Endurance Training on Aerobic Capacity, Endurance Performance, and Body Composition
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Comparison of Heart Rate and Session Rating of Perceived Exertion Methods of Defining Exercise Load in Cyclists
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An Integrated Approach to Change the Outcome Part I
An Integrated Approach to Change the Outcome Part II
Concurrent Training