Relationship Between Jumping Ability and Running Performance in Events of Varying Distance
Relationships Between Ground Reaction Impulse and Sprint Acceleration Performance in Team Sport Athletes
Nonuniform Changes in MRI Measurements of the Thigh Muscles After Two Hamstring Strengthening Exercises
Association of Balance, Strength, and Power Measures in Young Adults
Integration Core Exercises Elicit Greater Muscle Activation Than Isolation Exercises
Peak Power Prediction in Junior Basketballers
Lactate Response to Different Volume Patterns of Power Clean
Performance Changes in NBA Basketball Players Vary in Starters vs. Nonstarters Over a Competitive Season
Age-Related Differences in Peak Handgrip Strength Between Wrestlers and Nonathletes During the Developmental Years
Performance Analysis in Saber
Individual Training-Load and Aerobic-Fitness Variables in Premiership Soccer Players During the Precompetitive Season
The Effect of Cadence on Cycling Efficiency and Local Tissue Oxygenation
Physiological Responses to an Intensified Period of Rugby League Competition
Can Maximal and Rapid Isometric Torque Characteristics Predict Playing Level in Division I American Collegiate Football Players?
Postactivation Potentiation on Repeated-Sprint Ability in Elite Handball Players
Effect of Lower-Limb Compression Clothing on 400-m Sprint Performance
Effects of Two Training Protocols on the Forehand Drive Performance in Tennis
Heat Stress Impairs Repeated Jump Ability After Competitive Elite Soccer Games
Influence of Different Training Regimes on Physical and Physiological Demands During Small-Sided Soccer Games
Analysis of the Relationship Between the Amount of Training and Cognitive Expertise. A Study of Young Volleyball Players
Effect of Altitude on Football Performance
Effects of an Off-Season Conditioning Program on the Physical Characteristics of Adolescent Rugby Union Players
Commitment to Strength and Conditioning
Are There Any Differences in Physical Fitness and Throwing Velocity Between National and International Elite Female Handball Players?
Effects of Different Footwear on Vertical Jump and Landing Parameters
Effects of Strongman Training on Salivary Testosterone Levels in a Sample of Trained Men
Adrenal Cortical Responses to High-Intensity, Short Rest, Resistance Exercise in Men and Women
Concurrent Validity of Vertical Jump Performance Assessment Systems
A Simple Method to Analyze Overall Individual Physical Fitness in Firefighters
Influence of Exercise Order on the Number of Repetitions, Oxygen Uptake, and Rate of Perceived Exertion During Strength Training in Younger and Older Women
A Bout of Resistance Exercise Following the 2007 AHA Guidelines Decreases Asleep Blood Pressure in Mozambican Men
Acute Neuromuscular and Metabolic Responses to Concurrent Endurance and Resistance Exercise
Gender-Specific Influences of Balance, Speed, and Power on Agility Performance
An Acute Bout of Self-Myofascial Release Increases Range of Motion Without a Subsequent Decrease in Muscle Activation or Force
Bikram Yoga Training and Physical Fitness in Healthy Young Adults
The Professional Experiences and Work-Related Outcomes of Male and Female Division I Strength and Conditioning Coaches
The Effects of an Acute Dose of Rhodiola rosea on Endurance Exercise Performance
Stimulus Tempos and the Reliability of the Successive Choice Reaction Test
Meta-Analysis of Postactivation Potentiation and Power
Should We Seek for Generalized Standards in Bike Fitting?
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