Changes in the Athletic Profile of Elite College American Football Players
Off-Ice Fitness of Elite Female Ice Hockey Players by Team Success, Age, and Player Position
Reaction Time Aspects of Elite Sprinters in Athletic World Championships
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Correlation of Throwing Velocity to the Results of Lower-Body Field Tests in Male College Baseball Players
Evaluation of the Most Intense High-Intensity Running Period in English FA Premier League Soccer Matches
Effects of Applied Training Loads on the Aerobic Capacity of Young Soccer Players During a Soccer Season
Performance Changes During a Weeklong High-Altitude Alpine Ski-Racing Training Camp in Lowlander Young Athletes
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Countermovement Jump Peak Force Relative to Body Weight and Jump Height as Predictors for Sprint Running Performances
Evaluation of Hydrotherapy, Using Passive Tests and Power Tests, for Recovery Across a Cyclic Week of Competitive Rugby Union
Relationship Between Functional Assessments and Exercise-Related Changes During Static Balance
Acute Effect of Passive Static Stretching on Lower-Body Strength in Moderately Trained Men
Intrarater Reliability of the Functional Movement Screen
Interrater and Intrarater Reliability of the Functional Movement Screen
Responsiveness of the One-Leg Hop Test and the Square Hop Test to Fatiguing Intermittent Aerobic Work and Subsequent Recovery
Effects of Functional Exercises in the Warm-up on Sprint Performances
The Acute Effects of Fluid Intake on Urine Specific Gravity and Fluid Retention in a Mildly Dehydrated State
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Effects of Resisted Sprint Training on Acceleration in Professional Rugby Union Players
Effect of Rhythm on the Recovery From Intense Exercise
Correlations Between Internal and External Power Outputs During Weightlifting Exercise
Sex Differences in Pelvic and Hip Flexibility in Men and Women Matched for Sit-and-Reach Score
Effects of Plyometric Training on Achilles Tendon Properties and Shuttle Running During a Simulated Cricket Batting Innings
Effect of Training Surface on Acute Physiological Responses After Interval Training
Part 2
The Effect of Graduated Compression Tights, Compared With Running Shorts, on Counter Movement Jump Performance Before and After Submaximal Running
Effects of Combining Whole-Body Vibration With Exercise on the Consequences of Detraining on Muscle Performance in Untrained Adults
Comparison of Integrated and Isolated Training on Performance Measures and Neuromuscular Control
Mechanical Load and Physiological Responses of Four Different Resistance Training Methods in Bench Press Exercise
Electromyographic Activity and 6RM Strength in Bench Press on Stable and Unstable Surfaces
Seasonal Changes of Jumping Performance and Knee Muscle Strength in Under-19 Women Volleyball Players
Impact of External Resistance and Maximal Effort on Force-Velocity Characteristics of the Knee Extensors During Strengthening Exercise
Reliability and Sensitivity of a Repeated High-Intensity Exercise Performance Test for Rugby League and Rugby Union
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The Type Of Mat (Contact vs. Photocell) Affects Vertical Jump Height Estimated From Flight Time
Catalog of Canadian Fitness Screening Protocols for Public Safety Occupations That Qualify as a Bona Fide Occupational Requirement