Improvements in Hip Flexibility Do Not Transfer to Mobility in Functional Movement Patterns
Effect of Hand Position on EMG Activity of the Posterior Shoulder Musculature During a Horizontal Abduction Exercise
Biomechanical Analysis of Squat Jump and Countermovement Jump From Varying Starting Positions
Biomechanical Comparison Between Sprint Start, Sled Pulling, and Selected Squat-Type Exercises
Biomechanical Analysis of Standing Long Jump From Varying Starting Positions
The Components of the Jumps in Expert and Intermediate Water Polo Players
An Examination of Preactivity and Postactivity Stretching Practices of NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, and NCAA Division III Track and Field Throws Programs
Comparison of Ground Reaction Force Asymmetry in One- and Two-legged Countermovement Jumps
Relationships Between Field-Based Measures of Strength and Power and Golf Club Head Speed
Effects of Plyometric Training Volume and Training Surface on Explosive Strength
Influence of Rest Interval Duration on Muscular Power Production in the Lower-Body Power Profile
Effects of Isometric and Dynamic Postactivation Potentiation Protocols on Maximal Sprint Performance
Relationships Between Rapid Isometric Torque Characteristics and Vertical Jump Performance in Division I Collegiate American Football Players
The Effects of Multiple Daily Applications of Ice to the Hamstrings on Biochemical Measures, Signs, and Symptoms Associated With Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
Test-Retest Reliability, Criterion-Related Validity, and Minimal Detectable Change of the Illinois Agility Test in Male Team Sport Athletes
Differences in the Contractile Properties of the Knee Extensor and Flexor Muscles in Professional Road Cyclists During the Season
Physiological Responses to an Acute Bout of Sprint Interval Cycling
Validity of Equations for Estimating V[Combining Dot Above]O2peak From the 20-m Shuttle Run Test in Adolescents Aged 11–13 Years
Heart Rate Variability Reflects Training Load and Psychophysiological Status in Young Elite Gymnasts
Development of Various Reaction Abilities and Their Relationships With Favorite Play Activities in Preschool Children
Influence of Terminal RPE on Session RPE
The Relationship Between an Effort Goal and Self-Regulatory Efficacy Beliefs for Division I Football Players
Time-Motion Analysis, Heart Rate, and Physiological Characteristics of International Canoe Polo Athletes
The Accuracy of Simulated Indoor Time Trials Utilizing a CompuTrainer and GPS Data
The Influence of Training and Mental Skills Preparation on Injury Incidence and Performance in Marathon Runners
A Cross-Sectional Lower-Body Power Profile of Elite and Subelite Australian Football Players
Comparison of Functional and Static Evaluation Tools Among Adolescent Athletes
Acute Response to Hydrotherapy After a Simulated Game of Rugby
Quantification of Physiological, Movement, and Technical Outputs During a Novel Small-Sided Game in Young Team Sport Athletes
Technical Demands of Soccer Match Play in the English Championship
Acute Plasma Volume Change With High-Intensity Sprint Exercise
Maximal Strength Training in Postmenopausal Women With Osteoporosis or Osteopenia
Relationship Between Performance Variables and Baseball Ability in Youth Baseball Players
Association of rs699 (M235T) Polymorphism in the AGT Gene With Power but Not Endurance Athlete Status
Effect of Swim Cap Model on Passive Drag
The Reliability of the Interpolated Twitch Technique During Submaximal and Maximal Isometric Muscle Actions
Exercise and Blood Flow Restriction
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