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Body Composition Changes Among Female NCAA Division 1 Athletes Across the Competitive Season and Over a Multiyear Time Frame
Physiological Characteristics of International Female Soccer Players
Anthropometric and Physical Characteristics of English Academy Rugby League Players
Electromyographic Amplitude vs. Concentric and Eccentric Squat Force Relationships for Monoarticular and Biarticular Thigh Muscles
Velocity-Specific Strength Recovery After a Second Bout of Eccentric Exercise
Kinetic Comparison of the Power Development Between Power Clean Variations
The Acute Effects of Conventional, Complex, and Contrast Protocols on Lower-Body Power
The Acute Effect of a Plyometric Stimulus on Jump Performance in Professional Rugby Players
The Importance of Maximal Leg Strength for Female Athletes When Performing Drop Jumps
Optimal Stimulation Parameters to Detect Deficits in Quadriceps Voluntary Activation
Changes of Muscle Mechanics Associated With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficiency and Reconstruction
The Combination of Plyometric and Balance Training Improves Sprint and Shuttle Run Performances More Often Than Plyometric-Only Training With Children
Effect of Strength and High-Intensity Training on Jumping, Sprinting, and Intermittent Endurance Performance in Prepubertal Soccer Players
Prophylactic Ankle Taping
Physiological Demands of Elite Team Handball With Special Reference to Playing Position
Cardiovascular and Affective Outcomes of Active Gaming
Match-play Activity Profile in Elite Women's Rugby Union Players
New Frontiers in Sport Training
Salivary IgA Response and Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms During a 21-Week Competitive Season in Young Soccer Players
Methods for Quantifying Training in Sprint Kayak
Inspiratory Muscle Training Improves Exercise Tolerance in Recreational Soccer Players Without Concomitant Gain in Soccer-Specific Fitness
Dental Occlusion Influences Knee Muscular Performances in Asymptomatic Females
The Acute Effect of a Commercial Bite-Aligning Mouthpiece on Strength and Power in Recreationally Trained Men
Leg Strength Declines With Advancing Age Despite Habitual Endurance Exercise in Active Older Adults
The Effects of Acute L-carnitine Supplementation on Endurance Performance of Athletes
Fluid and Electrolyte Balance During Two Different Preseason Training Sessions in Elite Rugby Union Players
The Concurrent Validity and Reliability of a Low-Cost, High-Speed Camera-Based Method for Measuring the Flight Time of Vertical Jumps
Correlation of Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 Movement Screens and Golf Swing Faults
Session Ratings of Perceived Exertion Responses During Resistance Training Bouts Equated for Total Work but Differing in Work Rate
Criterion-Related Validity of Sit-and-Reach and Toe-Touch Tests as a Measure of Hamstring Extensibility in Athletes
Use of Integrated Technology in Team Sports
Reviewing Current Knowledge in Snatch Performance and Technique