Achilles Tendon Biomechanics in Response to Acute Intense Exercise
Effects of Compliance on Trunk and Hip Integrative Neuromuscular Training on Hip Abductor Strength in Female Athletes
Proximal-to-Distal Sequencing in Vertical Jumping With and Without Arm Swing
Effects of Diverting Activity on Strength, Electromyographic, and Mechanomyographic Signals
Muscle Injury After Low-Intensity Downhill Running Reduces Running Economy
Changes in Gait During Constant Pace Treadmill Running
Muscle Activation Does Not Increase After a Fatigue Plateau Is Reached During 8 Sets of Resistance Exercise in Trained Individuals
Effects of a Single Bout of Lower-Body Aerobic Exercise on Muscle Activation and Performance During Subsequent Lower- and Upper-Body Resistance Exercise Workouts
Effects of Sled Towing on Sprint Starts
Factors That Contribute to and Account for Strength and Work Capacity in a Large Cohort of Recreationally Trained Adult Healthy Men With High- and Low-Strength Levels
The Effects of a Personal Oxygen Supplement on Performance, Recovery, and Cognitive Function During and After Exhaustive Exercise
Effects of Three Different Stretching Techniques on Vertical Jumping Performance
Clinical Measures Associated With Dynamic Balance and Functional Movement
Acute Effects of an Ascending Intensity Squat Protocol on Vertical Jump Performance
Lower-Body Determinants of Running Economy in Male and Female Distance Runners
The Effects of Incline and Level-Grade High-Intensity Interval Treadmill Training on Running Economy and Muscle Power in Well-Trained Distance Runners
The Influence of Professional Status on Maximal and Rapid Isometric Torque Characteristics in Elite Soccer Referees
A Comparison of Linear Speed, Closed-Skill Agility, and Open-Skill Agility Qualities Between Backcourt and Frontcourt Adult Semiprofessional Male Basketball Players
Trunk Extensor and Flexor Strength Capacity in Healthy Young Elite Athletes Aged 11–15 Years
Effects of In-Season Low-Volume High-Intensity Plyometric Training on Explosive Actions and Endurance of Young Soccer Players
Foot Strike Pattern and Gait Changes During a 161-km Ultramarathon
The Effects of Elapsed Time After Warm-Up on Subsequent Exercise Performance in a Cold Environment
The Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on Back Squat and Bench Press Exercise to Failure
Echinacea Purpurea Supplementation Does Not Enhance V[Combining Dot Above]O2max in Distance Runners
Development, Test-Retest Reliability, and Construct Validity of the Resistance Training Skills Battery
Test-Retest Reliability and Sensitivity of the Concept2 Dyno Dynamometer
Validity and Reliability of the Hawaii Anaerobic Run Test
A Comparison of Training and Physical Performance of Police Students at the Start and the End of Three-Year Police Education
Effects of 8-Week In-season Plyometric Training on Upper and Lower Limb Performance of Elite Adolescent Handball Players
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Validation of the Loughborough Soccer Passing Test in Young Soccer Players
Reliability and Smallest Worthwhile Difference of the NFL-225 Test in NCAA Division I Football Players
High School Physical Educators' and Sport Coaches' Knowledge of Resistance Training Principles and Methods
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Chronological Age vs. Biological Maturation
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