National Collegiate Athletic Association Strength and Conditioning Coaches' Knowledge and Practices Regarding Prevention and Recognition of Exertional Heat Stroke
The Efficacy of Incorporating Partial Squats in Maximal Strength Training
Comparison of Responses to Two High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise Protocols
Similar Increases in Strength After Short-Term Resistance Training Due to Different Neuromuscular Adaptations in Young and Older Men
Effect of Using a Suspension Training System on Muscle Activation During the Performance of a Front Plank Exercise
Effects of Replacing Free Weights With Elastic Band Resistance in Squats on Trunk Muscle Activation
Magnitude and Relative Distribution of Kettlebell Snatch Force-Time Characteristics
Acute and Chronic Cardiovascular Response to 16 Weeks of Combined Eccentric or Traditional Resistance and Aerobic Training in Elderly Hypertensive Women
Changes in Exercises Are More Effective Than in Loading Schemes to Improve Muscle Strength
Tethered Swimming Can Be Used to Evaluate Force Contribution for Short-Distance Swimming Performance
Effect of One- vs. Two-Stair Climb Training on Sprint Power
Acute Static Vibration-Induced Stretching Enhanced Muscle Viscoelasticity But Did Not Affect Maximal Voluntary Contractions in Footballers
Effect of a One-Semester Conditioning Class on Physiological Characteristics of College Students
Multidirectional Sprints and Small-Sided Games Training Effect on Agility and Change of Direction Abilities in Youth Soccer
Changes in Anthropometry and Performance, and Their Interrelationships, Across Three Seasons in Elite Youth Rugby League Players
A Novel Running Mechanic's Class Changes Kinematics but not Running Economy
Association of the Weekly Practice of Guided Physical Activity With the Reduction of Falls and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia in Adult Women
Changes in Functional Movement Screen Scores Over a Season in Collegiate Soccer and Volleyball Athletes
Passive Drag Reduction Using Full-Body Swimsuits
Tennis for Physical Health
Effects of Dry-Land Vs. In-Water Specific Strength Training on Professional Male Water Polo Players' Performance
Do the Acute Biochemical and Neuromuscular Responses Justify the Classification of Strength- and Hypertrophy-Type Resistance Exercise?
Vitamin D Status and V[Combining Dot Above]O2peak During a Skate Treadmill Graded Exercise Test in Competitive Ice Hockey Players
Anthropometrics, Body Composition, And Aerobic Fitness in Norwegian Home Guard Personnel
Effects of Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training on Genes Related to Myostatin Signaling Pathway and Muscle Fiber Responses
Validity and Reliability of 2 Upper-Body Strength Tests for Preschool Children
Similar Hormonal Stress and Tissue Damage in Response to National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Games Played in Two Consecutive Seasons
Effect of Caffeine Ingestion on Maximal Voluntary Contraction Strength in Upper- and Lower-Body Muscle Groups
Time Interval Moderates the Relationship Between Psyching-up and Actual Sprint Performance
Effect of a Whole-Body Vibration Training Modifying the Training Frequency of Workouts per Week in Active Adults
Reliability and Validity of the Carminatti's Test for Aerobic Fitness in Youth Soccer Players
Movement and Physiological Demands of International and Regional Men's Touch Rugby Matches
Rating of Muscular and Respiratory Perceived Exertion in Professional Soccer Players
Assessment of Professional Baseball Players Aerobic Exercise Performance Depending on Their Positions
Vastus Lateralis Muscle Cross-sectional Area Ultrasonography Validity for Image Fitting in Humans
Electromyographical Comparison of Plank Variations Performed With and Without Instability Devices
The Development of a New Stop'n’go Reactive-Agility Test
IV NSCA International Conference, Murcia, SpainJune 26–28, 2014
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