National Strength and Conditioning Association Position Statement on Long-Term Athletic Development
Reliability of the Tuck Jump Injury Risk Screening Assessment in Elite Male Youth Soccer Players
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Impact of Short and Moderate Rest Intervals on the Acute Immunometabolic Response to Exhaustive Strength Exercise
Impact of Short and Moderate Rest Intervals on the Acute Immunometabolic Response to Exhaustive Strength Exercise
Muscle Size Not Density Predicts Variance in Muscle Strength and Neuromuscular Performance in Healthy Adult Men and Women
Regional Surface Electromyography of the Vastus Lateralis During Strength and Power Exercises
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Effects of Cycling vs. Running Training on Endurance Performance in Preparation for Inline Speed Skating
Observed Dietary Practices of Recreational Ultraendurance Cyclists in the Heat
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Potentiation Effects of Half-Squats Performed in a Ballistic or Nonballistic Manner
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The Effect of Resistance Training and Different Sources of Postexercise Protein Supplementation on Muscle Mass and Physical Capacity in Sarcopenic Elderly Men
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Determination of Anaerobic Threshold by Monitoring the O2 Pulse Changes in Endurance Cyclists
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