Ball Speed and Release Consistency Predict Pitching Success in Major League Baseball
Tapering Practices of New Zealand's Elite Raw Powerlifters
Longer Interset Rest Periods Enhance Muscle Strength and Hypertrophy in Resistance-Trained Men
Influence of Rest Interval Length Between Sets on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Variability After a Strength Training Session Performed By Prehypertensive Men
Potentiation Following Ballistic and Nonballistic Complexes
Effects of In-Season Inertial Resistance Training With Eccentric Overload in a Sports Population at Risk for Patellar Tendinopathy
Interaction of Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate Free Acid and Adenosine Triphosphate on Muscle Mass, Strength, and Power in Resistance Trained Individuals
The Effects of Caffeine on Vertical Jump Height and Execution in Collegiate Athletes
Small Beneficial Effect of Caffeinated Energy Drink Ingestion on Strength
Dietary Caffeine and Polyphenol Supplementation Enhances Overall Metabolic Rate and Lipid Oxidation at Rest and After a Bout of Sprint Interval Exercise
Short-Term Effects of Different Loading Schemes in Fitness-Related Resistance Training
The Effect of Interchange Rotation Period and Number on Australian Football Running Performance
Comparison of V[Combining Dot Above]O2peak Performance on a Motorized vs. a Nonmotorized Treadmill
Biomechanical Insights Into Differences Between the Mid-Acceleration and Maximum Velocity Phases of Sprinting
Changes in Plasma Aldosterone and Electrolytes Following High-Volume and High-Intensity Resistance Exercise Protocols in Trained Men
Neuromuscular Adaptations to Unilateral vs. Bilateral Strength Training in Women
Activation of Spinal Stabilizers and Shoulder Complex Muscles During an Inverted Row Using a Portable Pull-up Device and Body Weight Resistance
Dynamic Postural Control in Female Athletes and Nonathletes After a Whole-Body Fatigue Protocol
Effects of 5 Weeks of Bench Press Training on Muscle Synergies
Immunometabolic Responses to Concurrent Training
Validity and Reliability of the PUSH Wearable Device to Measure Movement Velocity During the Back Squat Exercise
The Effect of Compression Stockings on Physiological and Psychological Responses after 5-km Performance in Recreationally Active Females
Kinesiology Tape or Compression Sleeve Applied to the Thigh Does Not Improve Balance or Muscle Activation Before or Following Fatigue
Differences in Muscle Activity During Cable Resistance Training Are Influenced by Variations in Handle Types
Ultrasound Changes in Achilles Tendon and Gastrocnemius Medialis Muscle on Squat Eccentric Overload and Running Performance
Concurrent Training in Prepubescent Children
Effects of Acutely Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure on Running Economy and Physical Performance in Basketball Players
G Allele of the IGF2 ApaI Polymorphism Is Associated With Judo Status
Intersession and Intrasession Reliability and Validity of the My Jump App for Measuring Different Jump Actions in Trained Male and Female Athletes
Accuracy of PARTwear Inertial Sensor and Optojump Optical Measurement System for Measuring Ground Contact Time During Running
Rhabdomyolysis After Performing Blood Flow Restriction Training
Energetics, Biomechanics, and Performance in Masters' Swimmers
Discussion of “Body Fat Has No Effect on the Maximal Fat Oxidation Rate in Young Normal and Overweight Women”
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