Comparison of Powerlifting Performance in Trained Men Using Traditional and Flexible Daily Undulating Periodization
RPE and Velocity Relationships for the Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift in Powerlifters
An Evaluation of Agonist
Generalization of Muscle Strength Capacities as Assessed From Different Variables, Tests, and Muscle Groups
Differences in Muscle Activation and Kinematics Between Cable-Based and Selectorized Weight Training
Loading Intensity Prediction by Velocity and the OMNI-RES 0–10 Scale in Bench Press
Quantification of Accelerometer Derived Impacts Associated With Competitive Games in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I College Football Players
Influence of Strength Level on the Rest Interval Required During an Upper-Body Power Training Session
Monitoring Training Loads in Professional Basketball Players Engaged in a Periodized Training Program
Acute Effect of Countermovement Jumping on Throwing Performance in Track and Field Athletes During Competition
Simultaneous Knee Extensor Muscle Action Induces an Increase in Voluntary Force Generation of Plantar Flexor Muscles
Effects of Two Warm-up Programs on Balance and Isokinetic Strength in Male High School Soccer Players
Agreement Between a Smartphone Pulse Sensor Application and Electrocardiography for Determining lnRMSSD
The Effect of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage After a Bout of Accentuated Eccentric Load Drop Jumps and the Repeated Bout Effect
Identifying Dosage Effect of Light-Emitting Diode Therapy on Muscular Fatigue in Quadriceps
Power Relative to Body Mass Best Predicts Change in Core Temperature During Exercise-Heat Stress
The Effects of a Single Whole-Body Cryotherapy Exposure on Physiological, Performance, and Perceptual Responses of Professional Academy Soccer Players After Repeated Sprint Exercise
Myoeletric Activity of the Quadriceps During Leg Press Exercise Performed With Differing Techniques
Effect of an Unstable Load on Primary and Stabilizing Muscles During the Bench Press
Reliability of the Kinetics of British Army Foot Drill in Untrained Personnel
The Effect of “Pumping” and “Nonpumping” Techniques on Velocity Production and Muscle Activity During Field-Based BMX Cycling
Correspondence Between Physical Self-Concept and Participation in, and Fitness Change After, Biweekly Body Conditioning Classes in Sedentary Women
Game Times and Higher Winning Percentages of West Coast Teams of the National Football League Correspond With Reduced Prevalence of Regular Season Injury
Use of the Wattbike Cycle Ergometer for Attenuation of Bilateral Pedaling Asymmetry in Trained Cyclists
Heart-Rate Variability Threshold as an Alternative for Spiro-Ergometry Testing
Age-Related Differences in Maximal and Rapid Torque Characteristics of the Hip Extensors and Dynamic Postural Balance in Healthy, Young and Old Females
Modifiable Anthropometric Characteristics Are Associated With Unilateral and Bilateral Carry Performance
Self-Reported Wellness Profiles of Professional Australian Football Players During the Competition Phase of the Season
Impact of Prescribed Exercise on Physical Activity Compensation in Young Adults
Reliability of a Field Test of Defending and Attacking Agility in Australian Football and Relationships to Reactive Strength
The Science of Strength
Individual Heart Rate Variability Responses to Preseason Training in High Level Female Soccer Players
A Methodological Report
Intraday and Interday Reliability of Ultra-Short-Term Heart Rate Variability in Rugby Union Players
Age-Related Variation in Male Youth Athletes' Countermovement Jump After Plyometric Training
Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Muscle Strength in Athletes
Comment on “Match Analysis of U9 and U10 English Premier League Academy Soccer Players Using a Global Positioning System
In Response to “Determinants of Olympic Fencing Performance and Implications for Strength and Conditioning Training”
Manuscript Clarification Correction