Pre- and Post-Activity Stretching Practices of Collegiate Athletic Trainers in the United States
Noninvasive Assessment of Skeletal Muscle Myosin Heavy Chain Expression in Trained and Untrained Men
Electromyographical Comparison of Muscle Activation Patterns Across Three Commonly Performed Kettlebell Exercises
Tapering Practices of Croatian Open-Class Powerlifting Champions
Match Physical Performance of Elite Female Soccer Players During International Competition
Hormonal (Cortical-Gonadotropic Axis) and Physical Changes With Two Years Intense Exercise Training in Elite Young Soccer Players
Effects of Pitch Area-Restrictions on Tactical Behavior, Physical, and Physiological Performances in Soccer Large-Sided Games
The Validity and Contributing Physiological Factors to 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test Performance in Rugby League
Gender Differences in Physical Performance Characteristics of Elite Surfers
Warm-up for Sprint Swimming : Race-Pace or Aerobic Stimulation? A Randomized Study
Acute Effects of Plyometric and Resistance Training on Running Economy in Trained Runners
Performance and Metabolic Demand of a New Repeated-Sprint Ability Test in Basketball Players : Does the Number of Changes of Direction Matter?
Effects of Dry-Land Strength and Conditioning Programs in Age Group Swimmers
Physical Characteristics and Performance of Japanese Top-Level American Football Players
Low-Intensity Sprint Training With Blood Flow Restriction Improves 100-m Dash
Effect of Carbohydrate, Caffeine, and Carbohydrate + Caffeine Mouth Rinsing on Intermittent Running Performance in Collegiate Male Lacrosse Athletes
Effect of a Compressive Garment on Kinematics of Jump-Landing Tasks
Effect of 1 Repetition Maximum, 80% Repetition Maximum, and 50% Repetition Maximum Strength Exercise in Trained Individuals on Variations in Plasma Redox Biomarkers
Effect of High-Speed Strength Training on Physical Performance in Young Soccer Players of Different Ages
Shorter Duration Time Trial Performance and Recovery Is Not Improved by Inclusion of Protein in a Multiple Carbohydrate Supplement
Impact of Measured vs. Predicted Residual Lung Volume on Body Fat Percentage Using Underwater Weighing and 4-Compartment Model
Effectiveness of a 16-Week High-Intensity Cardioresistance Training Program in Adults
A Simple Model to Identify Risk of Sarcopenia and Physical Disability in HIV-Infected Patients
Comparison of Circumference Measures and Height–Weight Tables With Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry Assessment of Body Composition in R.O.T.C. Cadets
Effects of Energy Beverage Consumption on Pistol Aiming Steadiness in Law Enforcement Officers
Addition of Glute-Ham-Gastroc Raise to a Resistance Training Program : Effect on Jump Propulsion and Landing
Acute Responses to the 7-Minute Workout
Validity and Usability of a New System for Measuring and Monitoring Variations in Vertical Jump Performance
Muscle Strength Is Protective Against Osteoporosis in an Ethnically Diverse Sample of Adults
A Novel Mass-Spring-Damper Model Analysis to Identify Landing Deficits in Athletes Returning to Sport After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Hypertrophic Effects of Concentric vs. Eccentric Muscle Actions : A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Influence of Maturation Stage on Agility Performance Gains After Plyometric Training : A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
A Review of the Biomechanical Differences Between the High-Bar and Low-Bar Back-Squat
Considerations for Selecting Field-Based Strength and Power Fitness Tests to Measure Asymmetries
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