Laboratory and Match Physiological Data From an Elite Male Collegiate Soccer Athlete
Elite Youth Soccer Players' Physiological Responses, Time-Motion Characteristics, and Game Performance in 4 vs. 4 Small-Sided Games : The Influence of Coach Feedback
Effects of Sprint Training With and Without Weighted Vest on Speed and Repeated Sprint Ability in Male Soccer Players
Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 2 and Its Relationship With Other Typical Soccer Field Tests in Female Collegiate Soccer Players
Heart Rate, Technical Performance, and Session-RPE in Elite Youth Soccer Small-Sided Games Played With Wildcard Players
Relationship Between Training Load, Fitness, and Injury Over an Australian Rules Football Preseason
Complex Training : The Effect of Exercise Selection and Training Status on Postactivation Potentiation in Rugby League Players
Movement Demands and Perceived Wellness Associated With Preseason Training Camp in NCAA Division I College Football Players
Fat-Free Mass Index in NCAA Division I and II Collegiate American Football Players
Maximum Distance and High-Speed Distance Demands by Position in NCAA Division I Collegiate Football Games
Application of a Simple Surveillance Method for Detecting the Prevalence and Impact of Overuse Injuries in Professional Men's Basketball
Preseason Functional Movement Screen Predicts Risk of Time-Loss Injury in Experienced Male Rugby Union Athletes
The Effect of Hip Joint Angle on Isometric Midthigh Pull Kinetics
Does Focus of Attention Improve Snatch Lift Kinematics?
Loads and Movement Speeds Dictate Differences in Power Output During Circuit Training
Volume Load and Neuromuscular Fatigue During an Acute Bout of Agonist-Antagonist Paired-Set vs. Traditional-Set Training
Changes in Muscle Architecture, Explosive Ability, and Track and Field Throwing Performance Throughout a Competitive Season and After a Taper
Allometric Grip Strength Norms for Children of Hawaiian Lineage
Physical Fitness Characteristics of High vs. Low Performers on an Occupationally Specific Physical Agility Test for Patrol Officers
Effects of Wearing a Compression Garment During Night Sleep on Recovery From High-Intensity Eccentric-Concentric Quadriceps Muscle Fatigue
The 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test : Can It Predict Outcomes in Field Tests of Anaerobic Performance?
The Effects of the Removal of Electronic Devices for 48 Hours on Sleep in Elite Judo Athletes
Adaptations Associated With an After-School Strength and Conditioning Program in Middle-School-Aged Boys : A Quasi-Experimental Design
HR, V[Combining Dot Above]O2, and RPE Relationships in an Aquatic Incremental Maximum Test Performed by Young Women
Comparison of Muscle Involvement and Posture Between the Conventional Deadlift and a “Walk-In” Style Deadlift Machine
High-Speed Resistance Training Modifies Load-Velocity and Load-Power Relationships in Parkinson's Disease
Validity of Real-Time Data Generated by a Wearable Microtechnology Device
A Systematic Review of the Effects of Resistance Training on Body Image
Rating of Perceived Exertion for Quantification of Training and Combat Loads During Combat Sport-Specific Activities : A Short Review
Multicomponent Musculoskeletal Movement Assessment Tools : A Systematic Review and Critical Appraisal of Their Development and Applicability to Professional Practice
Biomarkers in Sports and Exercise : Tracking Health, Performance, and Recovery in Athletes
Self-Rated Accuracy of Rating of Perceived Exertion-Based Load Prescription in Powerlifters
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