The Effect of Practice on Performance and Pacing Strategies During an Exercise Circuit Involving Load-Carriage
Postexercise Hypotension and Heart Rate Variability Responses Subsequent to Traditional, Paired Set, and Superset Training Methods
Effects of 2% Dehydration on Lactate Concentration during Constant-Load Cycling
Profiling Inflammatory Markers During the Competitive Season and Post Season in Collegiate Wrestlers
Training Load, Physical Performance, Biochemical Markers, and Psychological Stress During A Short Preparatory Period in Brazilian Elite Male Volleyball Players
Practical Model of Low-Volume Paddling-Based Sprint Interval Training Improves Aerobic and Anaerobic Performances in Professional Female Canoe Polo Athletes
Body Composition of Women’s Ice Hockey Players : Comparison of Estimates Using Skinfolds and Idxa
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A Systematic Review of the Association Between Physical Fitness and Musculoskeletal Injury Risk : Part 3 – Flexibility, Power, Speed, Balance, and Agility
Changes in Player Activity Profiles Following the 2015 Fih Rule Changes in Elite Women’s Hockey
A multiple repeated sprint ability test with four changes of direction for badminton players (part 2) : predicting skill level with anthropometry, strength, shuttlecock and displacement velocity
Comparison of Resistance-Based Walking Cardiorespiratory Test to The Bruce Protocol
Hypoxia during resistance exercise does not affect physical performance, perceptual responses, or neuromuscular recovery
Effects of Judo Training on Bones : A Systematic Literature Review
Development of Anaerobic Fitness in Top-Level Competitive Youth Ice Hockey Players
Upper-Body Strength Measures and Pop-Up Performance of Stronger and Weaker Surfers
Predisposing Risk Factors and Stress Fractures in Division I Cross Country Runners
Seasonal Changes in Functional Fitness and Neurocognitive Assessments in Youth Ice Hockey Players
Lower limb stiffness and maximal sprint speed in 11-16-year-old boys
The effects of aerobic, resistance, and combined exercise on markers of male reproduction in healthy human subjects : a randomized controlled trial
Positional Demands and Physical Activity Profiles Of Netball
Analysis of Maturity Status As A Determinant of the Relationships Between Conditioning Capacities and Pre-Planned Agility in Young Handball Athletes.
Positional differences in GPS outputs and perceived exertion during soccer training games and competition
A Meta-Analytic and Scoping Study on Strength Training in People with Multiple Sclerosis
The reliability and validity of integrated external and internal load ratios as measures of fitness in academy rugby union players
Mechanisms Behind Blood Flow Restricted Training and its Effect Towards Muscle Growth
Trunk muscle endurance in individuals with and without a history of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Effect Of 8-Week of Hospital-Based Resistance Training Program on TCD4+ Cell Count and Anthropometric Characteristic of HIV Patients in Tehran, Iran : A Randomized Controlled Trial
An analysis of training loads in elite under 18 Australian Rule football players
Ace Gene Plays A Key Role In Reducing Blood Pressure In Hypertensive Elderlies After Resistance Training Resistance Exercise And Ace Polymorphism
Characteristics of a National Level Female Weightlifter Peaking for Competition : A Case Study
Effect of Post Activation Potentiation Induced By Elastic Resistance on Kinematics And Performance in A Roundhouse Kick of Trained Martial Arts Practitioners
Hyperactivity of The Sympatho-Adrenomedullary System Without Any Modification of The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Following Food Restriction Among High-Level Weightlifters
Biomechanical Comparison of Loaded Countermovement Jumps Performed on Land and in Water
Does Maturity Status Affect The Relationship Between Anaerobic Speed Reserve And Multiple Sprints Sets Performance in Young Soccer Players?
The impact of different cross-training modalities on performance and injury-related variables in high school cross country runners
Acute effect of citrulline malate supplementation on upper-body resistance exercise performance in recreationally resistance-trained men
Examining the Influence of Exercise Intensity and Hydration on Gastrointestinal Temperature in Collegiate Football Players
Comparison Between Power Off-Ice Test and Performance on-Ice Anaerobic Testing
Motor Skills of Obese and Severely Obese Children and Adolescents – A CIRCUIT Study
The Physiological and Performance Effects of Caffeine Gum Consumed During A Simulated Half-Time By Professional Academy Rugby Union Players
The Reliability and Validity of A Submaximal Warm-Up Test for Monitoring Training Status in Professional Soccer Players
Characteristics of upper-limb pull power and power endurance in Japanese female wrestlers
Barriers to the Prescription of Psychological Strategies By Strength and Conditioning Specialists
Independent and Combined Effects of Weight Status and Maturation on Aerobic Fitness in Adolescent School Aged Males
Effect of Jump Interval Training on Kinematics of the Lower Limbs and Running Economy
The Use of Mobile Applications to Collect Data in Sport, Health and Exercise Science : A Narrative Review
Positional Differences in Running and Non-Running Activities During Elite American Football Training
Sex-Related Differences in The Accuracy of Estimating Target Force Using Percentages of Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contractions Versus Ratings of Perceived Exertion During Isometric Muscle Actions
Effects of Plyometric and Directional Training on Speed and Jump Performance in Elite Youth Soccer Players
The Effect of Citrulline Malate Supplementation On Muscle Fatigue Among Healthy Participants
Changes in Energy Demand of Dance Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness During One Year of Vocational Contemporary Dance Training
Repeated Linear and Quadrangular Sprint As a Function of Anaerobic Power
Effects of feedback type and personality on 2000 meter ergometer performance in female varsity collegiate rowers
Effect of Progressive Calisthenic Push-Up Training On Muscle Strength and Thickness
Impact of Weekly Swimming Training Distance on The Ergogenicity of Inspiratory Muscle Training in Well Trained Youth Swimmers
The Relationship Between Multidirectional Jumping and Performance in Change of Direction Tasks
Stature, Body Mass, And Bmi in High School American Football Players : Appropriate Determinants of Obesity Prevalence?
Energy Cost of Continuous Shuttle Running : Comparison of Four Measurement Methods
Running Performance in Brazilian Professional Football Players During A Congested Match Schedule
Reliability of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy For Measuring Intermittent Handgrip Contractions in Sport Climbers
The Importance of Speed and Power in Elite Youth Soccer Depends on Maturation Status
Intra-cyclic velocity variation of the centre of mass and hip in breaststroke swimming with maximal intensity
Physical, Anthropometric and Athletic Movement Qualities Discriminate Development Level in A Rugby League Talent Pathway
Validity and Reliability of The Load-Velocity Relationship to Predict The 1rm In Deadlift
Performance Differences Among Skilled Soccer Players of Different Playing Positions During Vertical Jumping and Landing
Comparison of Exercise Performance in Recreationally Active And Masters Athlete Women
Seasonal Repeated Sprint Ability with Change of Direction Variations in U17 and U20 Elite Brazilian Soccer Players : A Comparative Study
Soccer-Specific Reactive Repeated-Sprint Ability in Elite Youth Soccer Players : Maturation Trends and Association with Various Physical Performance Tests
The Application of Change of Direction Deficit To Evaluate Cutting Ability
Quantification of The Perceived Training Load in Young Female Basketball Players
Anthropometry and Functional Movement Patterns in Elite Male Volleyball Players of Different Competitive Levels
Validity of an Isometric Midthigh Pull Dynamometer in Male Youth Athletes
Physical Demands of Exergaming in Healthy Young Adults
Comparison of body composition variables across a large sample of NCAA women athletes from six competitive sports
Impact of 10-Minute Interval Roller Massage on Performance and Active Range of Motion
Aerobic Fitness in Top-Class Soccer Referees
Modeling Fitness Variable Responses To Training In Prepubescent Children
Body Image Amongst Elite Rugby Union Players
Muscle Damage And Metabolic Responses To Repeated-Sprint Running With And Without Deceleration
Potential Utility of a Loaded Treadmill Protocol for Tactical Athletes
The Effect Of Cold (14 °C) Versus Ice (5°C) Water Immersion On Recovery From Intermittent Running Exercise
The Singapore Sling : F1 Race Team Cognitive Function and Mood Responses During the Singapore Grand Prix
The Effects of Load on Peak Power Output Fatigue During the Bench Throw
Polygenic Profile and Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage by a Competitive Half-Ironman
Effect of Bench Press Load Knowledge on Repetitions, RPE, and Attentional Focus
Reliable Testing Battery for Assessing Physical Qualities of Elite Academy Rugby League Players
Sex Differences in Aerobic Fitness in Top-Class Soccer Referees
Sequencing Effects of Neuromuscular Training on Physical Fitness in Youth Elite Tennis Players
Effect of Load Carriage on Tactical Performance in SWAT Operators
Asymmetries In Isometric Force-Time Charcteristics Are Not Detrimental To Change Of Direction Speed
Effect Of Cold Water Immersion On Elbow Flexors Muscle Thickness After Resistance Training
Biomechanical Methods To Quantify Muscle Effort During Resistance Exercise
Total And Segmental Body Composition Examination In Collegiate Football Players Using Multifrequency Bia And Dxa
Assessing Differences In Anthropometric And Fitness Characteristics Between Police Academy Cadets And Incumbent Officers
Effects Of Different Resistance Training Systems On Muscular Strength And Hypertrophy In Resistance-Trained Older Women
The Influence Of Team Rating On Running Performance In Elite Gaelic Football
Acute Capsaicin Supplementation Improves 1500 M Running Time-Trial Performance And Rate Of Perceived Exertion In Physically Active Adults
Continuous and Accumulated Bouts of Cycling Matched by Intensity and Energy Expenditure Elicit Similar Acute Blood Pressure Reductions in Prehypertensive Men
Measuring Vertical Stiffness In Sport With Accelerometers : Exercise Caution!
Validity And Reliability Of A New Test Of Planned Agility In Elite Taekwondo Athletes
A Comparison of the Effects of Short-Term Plyometric and Resistance Training on Lower Body Muscular Performance
Training Load Indices, Perceived Tolerance, and Enjoyment Among Different Models of Resistance Training in Older Adults
Concurrent Validity and Reliability of a Linear Positional Transducer and an Accelerometer to Measure Punch Characteristics
Lower Extremity Stiffness : Considerations for Testing, Performance Enhancement, and Injury Risk
Self-Selected Resistance Exercise Load : Implications for Research and Prescription
Effects of a Resistance Training Intervention on Strength, Power, and Performance in Adolescent Dancers
Game responses during young padel match play : age and gender comparisons
Effects of two training modalities on body fat and insulin resistance in postmenopausal women
Kinetic Contributions of the Upper Limbs During Counter-Movement Vertical Jumps With and Without Arm Swing
Muscle twitch torque during two different in volume isometric exercise protocols : fatigue effects on post-activation potentiation
Acute Effects Of Active, Ballistic, Passive And Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Streching On Sprint And Vertical Jump Performance In Trained Young Soccer Players
The Acute Effects of the Elevation Training Mask on Strength Performance in Recreational Weightlifters
The Effects Of Practical Blood Flow Restriction Training On Adolescent Lower Body Strength
A multiple repeated sprint ability test for badminton players involving four changes of direction : Validity and reliability (part 1)
Reliability and Sensitivity of the Power Push-up Test for Upper-body Strength and Power in 6-15-year old Male Athletes
Differential Effects of Different Warm-up Protocols on Repeated Sprints-Induced Muscle Damage
Neuromuscular Effects to 6 Weeks of Loaded Countermovement Jumping With Traditional and Daily Undulating Periodization
Presence of Spotters Improves Bench Press Performance : A Deception Study
Seasonal Changes in Gaelic Football Match-Play Running Performance
Optimizing A Treadmill Ramp Protocol To Evaluate Aerobic Capacity Of Hemiparetic Post-Stroke Patients
An Analysis of Factors Related to Back Squat Concentric Velocity
Adding Resistance Training to the Standard of Care for Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Men With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Improves Skeletal Muscle Health Without Altering Cytokine Concentrations
Influence of Different Methods to Determine Maximum Heart Rate on Training Load Outcomes in Basketball Players
Gluteus Maximus and Hamstring Activation During Selected Weight-Bearing Resistance Exercises
Effects Of Pre-Competitive Preparation Period On The Isokinetic Muscular Characteristics In World Class Handball Players
Effects Of Combined Strength And Endurance Training On Physical Performance And Biomarkers Of Healthy Young Women
Six Sessions of Sprint Interval Training improves running performance in trained athletes
Effects of a 15-Day Low Carbohydrate, High-Fat Diet in Resistance-Trained Men
Mechanical and Metabolic Responses to Traditional and Cluster Set Configurations in the Bench Press Exercise
Inappropriate methods and flawed conclusion in : Can resistance training enhance the rapid force development in unloaded dynamic isoinertial multi-joint movements? A systematic review
Authors reply to Ishøi et al. : “Inappropriate methods and flawed conclusion in
Energy Drink Doses Of Caffeine And Taurine Have A Null Or Negative Effect On Sprint Performance
Physical Characteristics Of Youth Elite Golfers And Their Relationship With Driver Clubhead Speed
The Importance of Body Composition in the National Hockey League Combine Physiologic Assessments
Repeated-Sprint Ability in Division I Collegiate Male Soccer Players : Positional Differences and Relationships with Performance Tests
A Single Dose Of Oral Atp Supplementation Improves Performance And Physiological Response During Lower Body Resistance Exercise In Recreational Resistance Trained Males
Understanding the relationship between coach and athlete perceptions of training intensity in youth sport
The Relationships between Height, Arm Length, and Leg Length on the Mechanics of the Conventional and High-Handle Hexagonal Bar Deadlift
Effects of Two Different Training Periodization Models on Physical and Physiological Aspects of Elite Female Team Handball Players
Optimizing inter-session reliability of heart rate variability – the effects of artefact correction and breathing type
The physical response to a simulated period of soccer-specific fixture congestion
Performance and Health Related Characteristics of Male Athletes Using Marijuana
Combined effects of static stretching and electrical stimulation on joint range of motion and muscle strength
Sodium bicarbonate supplementation delays neuromuscular fatigue without changes in performance outcomes during a basketball match simulation protocol
Strength and Conditioning Habits of Competitive Distance Runners
Heart Rate Variability and Training Load Among National Collegiate Athletic Association Division 1 College Football Players Throughout Spring Camp
Longitudinal Changes in Body Composition throughout Successive Seasonal Phases among Canadian University Football Players
Effects of low-load, higher-repetition versus high-load, lower-repetition resistance training not performed to failure on muscle strength, mass, and echo intensity in healthy young men : a time-course study
Cardiac Autonomic and Blood Pressure Responses to an Acute Bout of Kettlebell Exercise
Relationship between Physiological Off-Ice Testing, On-Ice Skating, and Game Performance in Division I Women’s Ice Hockey Players.
Effects of in-season circuit training on physical abilities in male handball players
Shod versus barefoot effects on force and power development during a conventional deadlift
Subjective And Objective Responses To Two Rugby 7’s World Series Competitions
The Effects of Foam Rolling as a Recovery Tool in Professional Soccer Players
Auto-regulated exercise selection training regimen produces small increases in lean body mass and maximal strength adaptations in strength-trained individuals.
Relationship between physical performance testing results and peak running intensity during professional rugby league match play
Hydration Status And Thermoregulatory Responses In Drivers During Competitive Racing
“Ballistic Six” Upper-Extremity Plyometric Training for the Pediatric Volleyball Players
Four Weeks of finger grip training increases the rate of force development and the maximal force in elite and world-top ranking climbers
Quantifying The External And Internal Loads Of Professional Rugby League Training Modes : Consideration For Concurrent Field-Based Training Prescription
Hamstring myoelectrical activity during three different kettlebell swing exercises.
Improving vertical jump profiles through prescribed movement plans
Preseason Functional Test Scores are Associated with Future Sports Injury in Female Collegiate Athletes
The Effectiveness of Fish Oil Supplementation in Attenuating Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Females During Mid-Follicular and Mid-Luteal Menstrual Phases
The Kinetic Determinants of Reactive Strength in Highly Trained Sprint Athletes
Case study : sleep and injury in elite soccer. A mixed method approach
The impact of exercise-induced muscle damage on performance test outcomes in elite female basketball players
Performance of future elite players at the NFL Scouting Combine
Repeat Effort Performance is Reduced 24 h following Acute Dehydration in Mixed Martial Arts Athletes
Cycling Power Outputs Predict Functional Threshold Power And Maximum Oxygen Uptake
Comparing the Immediate Effects of a Total Motion Release Warm-Up and a Dynamic Warm-Up Protocol on the Dominant Shoulder in Baseball Athletes
Acute Effects of Ammonia Inhalants on Strength and Power Performance in Trained Men
Equity of physical characteristics between adolescent males and females participating in single or mixed gender sport
Elastic Resistance Effectiveness on Increasing Strength of Shoulders and Hips
Reliability of the maximal resisted sprint load test and relationships with performance measures and anthropometric profile in female field sport athletes
Effects of two different self-adapted occlusal splints on electromyographic and force parameters during elbow flexors isometric contraction
Validity And Reliability Of The Stages Cycling Power Meter
Asymmetrie of maximum trunk, hand and leg in comparison of volleyball and fitness athletes
The influence of foam rolling on recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage
The Efficacy of Repeated Cold Water Immersion on Recovery Following a Simulated Rugby Union Protocol
Comparative effects of two interval shuttle-run training modes on physiological and performance adaptations in female professional futsal players
Effects of repeated-sprints with changes of direction on youth soccer player’s performance : Impact of initial fitness level
Repeated high-intensity cycling performance is unaffected by timing of carbohydrate ingestion
Adding whole body vibration to preconditioning squat exercise increases cycling sprint performance
Factors influencing spike jump height in female college volleyball players
Concurrent training followed by detraining : does the resistance training intensity matter?
Load-velocity relationship in variations of the half-squat exercise : Influence of execution technique
Construct Validation of the FMS : Relationship between a Jump-Landing Task and FMS Items
Muscle power predicts bone strength in Division II athletes
Long-Term Changes In Jump Performance And Maximum Strength In A Cohort Of Ncaa Division I Women’s Volleyball Athletes
Resistance training status and effectiveness of low frequency resistance training on upper-body strength and power in highly trained soccer players
Time flies when you're at RPE13 : How exercise intensity influences perception of time
Effects of six weeks sprint-strength and agility training on body composition, cardiovascular and physiological parameters of male field hockey players
Resistance Training is Associated with Higher Lumbar Spine and Hip Bone Mineral Density in Competitive Male Cyclists
The relationship between repeated kicking performance and maximal aerobic capacity in elite junior Australian football
Evaluating the effects of under loaded and overloaded warm ups on subsequent swing velocity.
Does a one year age gap modify the influence of age, maturation and anthropometric parameters as determinants of performance among youth elite soccer players?
Halftime re-warm up with intermittent exercise improves the subsequent exercise performance of soccer referees
Effects of a Functional Strength Training Program on Movement Quality and Fitness Performance among Girls Aged 12-13
The effects of Nordic walking and slope of the ground on lower limb muscle activity
Relationship between repeated sprint ability, aerobic capacity, intermittent endurance and heart rate recovery in youth soccer players
Predictive Factors Of Elite Sprint Performance : Influences Of Muscle Mechanical Properties And Functional Parameters
The Factors that influence session-RPE in elite Gaelic football.
Resistance exercise order does not affect the magnitude and duration of post-exercise blood pressure in older women
Perceived Wellness Associated With Practice And Competition In Ncaa Division I Football Players
Kinematic And Neuromuscular Measures Of Intensity During Plyometric Jumps
Technical and tactical aspects in Italian youth rugby union in relation to different academies, regional tournaments, and outcomes
The Effects of the GAA15 on Lower Extremity Injury Incidence and Neuromuscular Functional Outcomes in Collegiate Gaelic Games.
Sport-Specific Repeated Sprint Training Improves Punching Ability And Upper-Body Aerobic Power In Experienced Amateur Boxers
The Effects of British Army Footwear on Ground Reaction Force and Temporal Parameters of British Army Foot-Drill
Match demands of Senior and Junior players during International Rugby League
Evaluation of strength and conditioning measures with game success in Division I collegiate volleyball : A retrospective study
Electromyographic and kinematic analysis of the flexion-rotation trunk test
Physiological pattern changes in response to a simulated competition in elite women artistic gymnasts
High-Intensity Interval Exercises’ Acute Impact on Heart Rate Variability : Comparison Between Whole-Body and Cycle Ergometer Protocols
Pacing profiles and competitive performance of elite female 400-m freestyle swimmers
The effects of superset configuration on kinetic, kinematic, and perceived exertion in the barbell bench press
The Effect of a Sprint Interval and Resistance Concurrent Exercise Training Program on Aerobic Capacity of Inactive Adult Women
The Effects Of Jaw Clenching And Jaw Alignment Mouthpiece Use On Force Production During Vertical Jump And Isometric Clean Pull
A Comparison of Pre-Season and In-Season Practice and Game Loads in NCAA Division I Football Players
Inter- and intra-rater reliability of the Athletic Ability Assessment in sub-elite Australian Rules football players
Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Performance Is Associated With Athletic Performance And Sprinting Kinetics In Division I Men And Women’s Basketball Players
The Effects of a Periodized vs. Traditional Military Training Program on 2-Mile Run Performance During the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
Assessment of loaded squat jump height with a free-weight barbell and Smith machine : comparison of the take-off velocity and flight time procedures
High intensity exercise induced oxidative stress and skeletal muscle damage in post-pubertal boys and girls : A comparative study
Activity profiles in U17, U20 and senior women’s Brazilian National soccer teams during international competitions : Are there meaningful differences?
Wrist Resistance Training Improves Motor Control And Strength
Physiological responses to, and athlete and coach perceptions of exertion during small-sided basketball games
Predicting the intensity for performing supramaximal incline treadmill interval training in distance runners
Relationship between physical fitness at the end of pre-season and the in-season game performance in Japanese female professional baseball players
Ranking prediction model using the competition record of Ladies Professional Golf Association players
The Effects of Multiple Sets of Squats and Jump Squats on Mechanical Variables
Validity and reliability of the Hexoskin® wearable biometric vest during maximal aerobic power testing in elite cyclists
Reliability characteristics and applicability of a repeated sprint ability test in male young soccer players
A comparison of the technique of the football quarterback pass between high school and university athletes
Heavy Barbell Hip Thrusts Do Not Effect Sprint Performance : An 8-Week Randomized–Controlled Study
The effect of unicycle riding course on trunk strength and trunk stability functions in children
The Physical and Physiological Demands of Elite International Female Field Hockey Players During Competitive Match-Play
Acute Effects of Constant-Angle and Constant-Torque Static Stretching on Passive Stiffness of the Posterior Hip and Thigh Muscles in Healthy, Young and Old Men
Do fast older runners pace differently from fast younger runners in the ‘new york city marathon’?
Relationships Between Countermovement Jump Ground Reaction Forces and Jump Height, Reactive Strength Index, and Jump Time
Comparison of Acute Physiological and Psychological Responses Between Moderate Intensity Continuous Exercise and three Regimes of High Intensity Training
The Influence of Tactical and Situational Variables on Offensive Sequences during Elite Football Matches
Longer Concentric Action Increases Muscle Activation And Neuromuscular Fatigue Responses In Protocols Equalized By Repetition Duration
Validity of a taekwondo specific test to measure vo2peak and the heart rate deflection point.
Fiber Type Composition And Rate Of Force Development In Endurance And Resistance Trained Individuals
Minimal Detectable Change Thresholds and Responsiveness of Zephyr Bioharness & Fitbit Charge Devices.
Effects of 12-weeks resistance training on sprint and jump performance in competitive adolescent rugby union players
Effect of resistance training on blood pressure and autonomic responses in treated hypertensives
Validation of the 3-min all-out exercise test for shuttle running prescription
Effect of Energy Drink Consumption on Power and Velocity of Selected Sport Performance Activities
Importance of physical qualities for speed and change of direction ability in elite female soccer players.
Somatotype And Body Composition In Young Soccer Players According To The Playing Position And Sport Success
Exploring game dynamics in padel. Implications for assessment and training.
The Effects of Cardiovascular Fitness and Body Composition on Maximal Core Temperature in Collegiate Football Players During Pre-season
Can a balance wristband influence postural control?
Acute Cardiopulmonary, Metabolic, And Neuromuscular Responses To Severe-Intensity Intermittent Exercises
Fatigue In U12 Soccer-7 Players During Repeated One-Day Tournament Games - A Pilot Study
Effect of three different muscle action training protocols on knee strength ratios and performance
The influence of contextual factors on running performance in female Australian Football match-play
Acute neuromuscular and endocrine responses to two different compound exercises : squat versus deadlift
Trunk muscle activation in the back and hack squat at the same relative loads
Between-game variation of physical soccer performance measures in highly trained youth soccer players.
Visual feedback attenuates mean concentric barbell velocity loss, and improves motivation, competitiveness, and perceived workload in male adolescent athletes
Appetite regulations after sprint exercise under hypoxic condition in female athletes
Effects of a Tapering Period on Physical Condition in Soccer Players
Changes in the Muscle Activity of Gymnasts During a Handstand on Various Apparatus
Quantifying changes in squat jump height across a season of men’s collegiate soccer
Influence Of Morphology And Strength On Front Crawl Swimming Speed In Junior And Youth Age Group Swimmers
Low-volume High-intensity Interval versus Continuous Endurance Training : Effects on Hematological and Cardiorespiratory System Adaptations in Professional Canoe Polo Athletes
Mechanical, metabolic, and perceptual acute responses to different set configurations in full squat
Agility And Vertical Jump Performances Are Impacted By Acute Cool Exposure
Unilateral Stiffness Interventions Augment Vertical Stiffness And Change Of Direction Speed
Analysis of USA Powerlifting federation data from January 1, 2012 - June 11, 2016
Understanding anthropometric characteristics associated with performance in manual lifting tasks
Relationships Between Results Of An Internal And External Match Load Determining Method In Male, Singles Badminton Players
Acute capsaicin supplementation improves resistance training performance in trained men.
The accuracy of resting metabolic rate prediction equations in athletes
Muscle activity and physiological responses during running in water and on dry land at submaximal and maximal efforts
Effects of blood flow restriction combined with post-activation potentiation stimuli on jump performance in recreationally active males.
The effects of muscle strength responsiveness to periodized resistance training on resistin, leptin and cytokine in elderly post-menopausal women
The Validity and Reliability of 15 Hz Global Positioning System Units for Assessing the Activity Profiles of University Football Players
A Review Of Field-Based Assessments Of Neuromuscular Control And Their Utility In Male Youth Soccer Players
The NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash : How Important is Maximum Velocity?
Monitoring Changes In Power, Speed, Agility And Endurance In Elite Cricketers During The Off-Season
Evaluation Of The Official Match External Load In Soccer Players With Cerebral Palsy
Recovery time profiling after short-, middle- and long-distance swimming performance
Pitch size and Game Surface in Different Small-Sided Games. Global Indicators, Activity Profile and Acceleration of Female Soccer Players
Comparison of incremental intermittent and time trial testing in age-group swimmers.
Blood pressure response during resistance training of different work to rest ratio
The Positional Anthropometric and Performance Profile of Elite Gaelic Football Players.
Relationship between percentages of heart rate reserve and oxygen uptake reserve during cycling and running : a validation study
Mixed martial arts induces significant fatigue and muscle damage up to 24 hours post-combat
Effect Of Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse On Training Load Volume In Resistance Exercises
A Bilateral Comparison of Vertical Jump Landings and Step-off Landings From Equal Heights
Association between conditioning capacities and shooting performance in professional basketball players; an analysis of stationary and dynamic shooting skills
The validity of retrospective session-rating of perceived exertion to quantify training load in youth athletes.
Heel-Raised Foot Posture Do Not Affect Trunk And Lower Extremity Biomechanics During A Barbell Back Squat In Recreational Weightlifters
Phase characteristics of the countermovement jump force-time curve : A comparison of athletes by jumping ability
Validity of heart rate-based indices to measure training load and intensity in elite football players
Effect of low-volume high-intensity interval exercise and continuous exercise on delayed-onset muscle soreness in untrained healthy males
A warm-up routine that incorporates a plyometric protocol potentiates the force generating capacity of the quadriceps muscles
Comparison of serum cytokine levels in obese and lean men : effects of nonlinear periodized resistance training and obesity
A comparison of muscle activation between back squats and belt squats
Distinguishing Playing Status Through a Functionally Relevant Performance Measure in Female Division I Collegiate Soccer Athletes
Changes in sprint-related outcomes during a period of systematic training in a girls’ soccer academy
The Effects Of Various Weighted Implements On Baseball Swing Kinematics In Collegiate Baseball Players
Quantitative Analysis of Proximal and Distal Kinetic Chain Musculature during Dynamic Exercises
Partial range of motion exercise is effective for facilitating muscle hypertrophy and function via sustained intramuscular hypoxia in young trained men
Influences of playing position and quality of opposition on standardized relative distance covered in domestic women’s field hockey : Implications for coaches
Differences In Glenohumeral Joint Rotation And Peak Power Output Between Super League And Championship Rugby League Players
The effect of cadence on time trial performance in recreational female cyclists
Acute neuromuscular adaptations in response to low-intensity blood flow restricted exercise and high-intensity resistance exercise : are there any differences?
Movement velocity as a measure of level of effort during resistance exercise
Differences in the Movement Skills and Physical Qualities of Elite Senior & Academy Rugby League Players
Anthropometric parameters, age, and agility as performance predictors in elite female basketball players
A comparison between elite and sub-elite swimmers on dry-land and tumble turn leg extensor force-time characteristics
What is the Value of a National Football League Draft Pick? An Analysis Based on Changes Made in the Collective Bargaining Agreement
Influence of team’s rank on soccer referees’ external and internal match loads during official matches
The Effect of Nitrate Supplementation on Exercise Tolerance and Performance : A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Rating of Perceived Exertion as a Method of Volume Autoregulation Within a Periodized Program
Association Of Physical And Technical Activities With Partial Match Status In A Soccer Professional Team
Relationship between dryland strength and swimming performance : pull-up mechanics as a predictor of swimming speed
Biomechanical Analysis of Suspension Training Push-up
Determinant Factors of Physical Performance and Specific Throwing in Handball Players of Different Ages
The effects of moderate- versus high-load resistance training on muscle growth, body composition, and performance in collegiate women
Effects of light-emitting diode therapy on the performance of biceps brachii muscle of young healthy males after 8 weeks of strength training : a randomized controlled clinical trial
Observation of Women Soccer Players' Physiology During a Single Season
A Resisted Sprint Improves Rate Of Force Development During A 20-Meter Sprint In Athletes
Possible Hormone Predictors Of Physical Performance In Adolescent Team Sport Athletes
Effects of a 6-Week Upper Extremity Low-Volume, High Intensity Interval Training on Oxygen Uptake, Peak Power Output and Total Exercise Time
Estimation of peak muscle power from a countermovement vertical jump in children and adolescents
Effects of intra-cyclic velocity variations on the drag exerted by different swimming parachutes
Endurance Running Training Individually-Guided By Hrv In Untrained Women
Power profiles of competitive and non-competitive mountain bikers.
The Effect of Training Load Distribution on Aerobic Fitness Measures in Hurling Players
Monitoring Resistance Exercise Intensity via RPE in Previously Untrained Patients with Prostate Cancer undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy.
Compensatory Muscle Activation During Unstable Overhead Squat Using A Water-Filled Training Tube
Decrements in neuromuscular performance and increases in creatine kinase impact training outputs in elite soccer players.
Analysis of high-intensity skating in top-class ice-hockey match-play in relation to training status and muscle damage
Short Term Effects of Resistance Training Modalities on Performance Measures in Male Adolescents
Mean velocity vs. mean propulsive velocity vs. peak velocity : which variable determines bench press relative load with higher reliability?
CrossFit-based High Intensity Power Training Improves Maximal Aerobic Fitness and Body Composition
Consumption of a 5 mg melatonin supplement does not affect 32.2 kilometer cycling time trial performance
Effects of Combined Strength and Sprint Training on Lean Mass, Strength, Power and Sprint Performance in Masters Road Cyclists
Jumping Performance is Preserved, but not Muscle Thickness in Collegiate Volleyball Players After a Taper
Associations of physical fitness and body composition characteristics with simulated military task performance
5-km Time trial reliability of a non-motorized treadmill and comparison of physiological and perceptual responses versus a motorized treadmill
Normative data for critical speed and D’ for high-level male rugby players
Modulation of isometric quadriceps strength in soccer players with transcranial direct current stimulation : a crossover study
The Work-Rate of Elite Hurling Match-Play
Effect of Short-term Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation and Pre-cooling on Serum Endogenous Antioxidant Enzymes of Elite Swimmers
The impact of dry-land sprint start training on the short track speed skating start
Effect of Body Position on Force Production During the Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull
Short-term heat acclimation and precooling, independently and combined, improve 5 km running performance in the heat
The relationship between the push off ground reaction force and ball speed in high school baseball pitchers
Aerobic exercise supplemented with muscular endurance training improves onset of blood lactate accumulation
Effects Of Two Combined Exercise Designs Associated With High-Fat Meal Consumption On Postprandial Lipemia, Insulinemia And Oxidative Stress
Seasonal variations of bone metabolism and bone mineral density in collegiate alpine skiers
A comparison of load-velocity and load-power relationships between well-trained young and middle-aged males during three popular resistance exercises
Acute Effect Of Upper And Lower Body Postactivation Exercises On Shot-Put Performance
Warm-up exercises may not be so important for enhancing submaximal running performance
Effects of the Inertia Barbell Training on Lumbar Muscle T2 relaxation time
Duration specific Running performance in Elite Gaelic Football
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Competition Load Described By Objective And Subjective Methods During A Surfing Championship
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The effects of exercise modality during additional 'high-intensity interval training' upon aerobic fitness and strength in powerlifting and strongman athletes
Prediction Of Gymnastics Physical Profile Through An International Program Evaluation In Women Artistic Gymnastics
Higher Quadriceps Roller Massage Forces Do Not Amplify Range Of-Motion Increases Or Impair Strength And Jump Performance
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The Effect of External Loading on Force and Power Production during Plyometric Push-ups
An Evaluation of Time-Trial Based Predictions of V[Combining Dot Above]O2max and Recommended Training Paces for Collegiate and Recreational Runners
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Comparison of the Hang High-Pull and Loaded Jump Squat for the Development of Vertical Jump and Isometric Force-Time Characteristics
Can transcranial direct current stimulation improve muscle power in individuals with advanced resistance training experience?
Physical Profiles of Female Academy Netball Players by Position
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Secular Trends in the Physical Fitness of United States Army Recruits on Entry to Service, 1975-2013
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Progression in youth soccer : selection and identification in youth soccer players aged 13-15 years
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Changes in Creatine Kinase and Hormones over the Course of an American Football Season
Salivary mitochondrial DNA copy number is associated with exercise ventilatory efficiency
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Position specific acceleration and deceleration profiles in elite youth and senior soccer players
Effects Of Resistance Training On Cardiovascular Function In Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease : A Randomized Controlled Trial
Influence Of A Cluster Set Configuration On The Adaptations To Short-Term Power Training
Strength And Muscular Adaptations Following 6 Weeks Of Rest-Pause Versus Traditional Multiple-Sets Resistance Training In Trained Subjects
Deception of ambient temperature does not elicit performance benefits during a 5km run in hot, humid conditions
Quantifying the Physical Response to a Contemporary Amateur Boxing Simulation
The Age of Peak Marathon Performance in Cross-Country Skiing – The ‘Engadin Ski Marathon’
Maximum dynamic lower-limb strength was maintained during 24 weeks reduced training frequency in previously sedentary older women
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Methodological issues associated with the use of force plates when assessing push-ups power
Physical determinants of Division 1 Collegiate basketball, Women’s National Basketball League and Women’s National Basketball Association athletes : with reference to lower body sidedness
Effects of a 12-Month Complex Proprioceptive–Coordinative Training Program on Soccer Performance in Prepubertal Boys Aged 10–11 Years
Combined carbohydrate and protein ingestion during Australian Rules football matches and training sessions does not reduce fatigue or accelerate recovery throughout a week-long junior tournament
The effect of varying plyometric volume on stretch-shortening cycle capability in collegiate male rugby players
Impact of Endurance Exercise in Hypoxia on Muscle Damage, Inflammatory and Performance Responses
A field-based cycling test to assess predictors of endurance performance and establishing training zones
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The effects of 10 weeks Integrated Neuromuscular Training on fundamental movement skills and physical self-efficacy in 6-7 year old children
Impact of Direction of Unloading Influence on Template Rate of Perceived Exertion
Perceptual, Mechanical And Electromyographic Responses To Different Relative Loads In The Parallel Squat
A comparison of bilateral muscular imbalance ratio calculations using functional tests.
Different Cluster Sets Result In Similar Metabolic, Endocrine, And Perceptual Responses In Trained Men
The effects of recovery duration during high-intensity interval exercise on time spent at high rates of oxygen consumption, oxygen kinetics and blood lactate
Transient fatigue is not influenced by ball-in-play time during elite rugby league matches
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Efficacy Of The Repetitions In Reserve-Based Rating Of Perceived Exertion For The Bench Press In Experienced And Novice Benchers
Predictors Of Linear And Multidirectional Acceleration In Elite Soccer Players
Can Neck Strength be Measured Using a Single Maximal Contraction in a Simulated Contact Position?
Hemodynamic and cardiorespiratory predictors of sport rock climbing performance
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Body Composition and Bone Mineral Density of Division 1 Collegiate Football Players, a Consortium of College Athlete Research (C-CAR) Study
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Perceived exertion is affected by the submaximal set configuration used in resistance Exercise
Validity of Single Beam Timing Lights at Different Heights
Physiological factors associated with declining repeated sprint performance in hypoxia
Changes in unilateral upper limb muscular strength and EMG activity following a 16 week strength training intervention survivors of breast cancer
Comparison Of Different Methods For The Swimming Aerobic Capacity Evaluation
Movement patterns and muscle damage during simulated rugby sevens matches in National team players
Changes in Vertical and Joint Stiffness in Runners with Advancing Age
Intermittent But Not Continuous Static Stretching Improves Subsequent Vertical Jump Performance In Flexibility-Trained Athletes
A Self-Paced Team Sport Match Simulation Results In Reductions In Voluntary Activation And Modifications To Biological, Perceptual And Performance Measures At Half-Time, And For Up To 96 Hours Post-Match
The Activity Profile of Elite Male Amateur Boxing Following the 2013 Rule Changes
The Cycling Power Profile Characteristics Of National Level Junior Triathletes
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Ammonia inhalation does not increase dead lift one-repetition maximum in college-aged male and female weightlifters
A Hydrothermally Processed Maize Starch and its Effects on Blood Glucose Levels During High Intensity Interval Exercise
Impact of Mild Hypohydration on Muscle Endurance, Power and Strength in Healthy, Active Older Men
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Comparing DXA and Air-Displacement-Plethysmography to Assess Body Composition of Male Collegiate Hockey Players
Effects of Various Warm Up Protocol on Special Judo Fitness Test Performance
The age-related performance decline in Ironman triathlon starts earlier in swimming than in cycling and running
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Effects of Game Performance on Softball Pitchers and Catchers
The relationship between trunk rotation, upper quarter dynamic stability and pitch velocity
Effect of Moderate Versus High-Intensity Interval Exercise Training on Heart Rate Variability Parameters in Inactive Latin-American Adults : A Randomised Clinical Trial
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Reduction of physiological strain under a hot and humid environment by a hybrid cooling vest
Individual and combined influence of ACE and ACTN3 genes on muscle phenotypes in Polish athletes
Repetition Performance And Blood Lactate Responses Adopting Different Recovery Periods Between Training Sessions In Trained Men
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Self-Reported Measures Of Strength And Sport-Specific Skills Distinguish Ranking In An International Online Fitness Competition
Fat grip resistance training improves driving performance in Division I male golfers
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Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training with Different Interval Durations on Physical Performance in Handball Players
Importance, reliability and usefulness of acceleration measures in team sports
Postactivation Potentiation and Change of Direction Speed in Elite Academy Rugby Players
Heat Exposure and Hypohydration Exacerbate Physiological Strain During Load Carrying
Between-Session Reliability Of Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Kinetics And Maximal Power Clean Performance In Male Youth Soccer Players
Short term training cessation as a method of tapering to improve maximal strength Training cessation as a method of tapering for strength
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Electromyographic Comparison Of Barbell Deadlift, Hex Bar Deadlift And Hip Thrust Exercises : A Cross-Over Study
Strength and Conditioning Practices in Adolescent Rugby Players : Relationship with Changes in Physical Qualities
Different training loads partially influence physiological responses to preparation period in basketball
An Acceleration Profile of Elite Gaelic Football Match-Play
Heart Rate Variability : A Comparison of Artefact Correction Methods
A System for Evaluating Powerlifting and Other Multi-Event Performances
Pre-season maximal aerobic power in professional soccer players among different divisions
Detection of spatio-temporal asymmetry in pro level soccer players
Effect Of Resistance Training To Muscle Failure Versus Volitional Interruption At High- And Low-Intensities On Muscle Mass And Strength
Delayed effects of a low volume, power-type resistance exercise session on explosive performance
Is vertical jump height an indicator of atlhetes’ power output in different sports modalities?
Effects of lower-limb strength training on agility, repeated sprinting with changes of direction, leg peak power, and neuromuscular adaptations of soccer players
Muscular strength adaptations and hormonal responses after two different multiple-set protocols of resistance training in postmenopausal women
Effects of hyperventilation on repeated pedaling sprint performance : short vs. long intervention duration
Short-term Hypoxic Exposure and Training Improve Maximal Anaerobic Running Test Performance
Longer sleep durations are positively associated with finishing place during a national multi-day netball competition
Predictive Validity of National Basketball Association Draft Combine on Future Performance
Relationship among Repeated Sprint Ability, Chronological Age and Puberty in young soccer players
Energetic demands of interchange and full-match rugby league players
The Metabolic And Mechanical Effects Of Laddermill Graded Exercise Testing
Differences By Ending-Rounds And Other Rounds In Time-Motion Analysis Of Mixed Martial Arts : Implications For Assessment And Training
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Maturation-related differences in adaptations to resistance training in young male swimmers
Outcomes of Exercise Training Following the Use of a Birthing Ball during Pregnancy and Delivery
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Effects of pre-exhaustion on the patterns of muscular activity in the flat bench press
No Differences Between Alter G-Trainer And Active And Passive Recovery Strategies On Isokinetic Strength, Systemic Oxidative Stress And Perceived Muscle Soreness After Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage
Carbohydrate and caffeine improves high intensity running of elite rugby league interchange players during simulated match play
Postexercise Hypotension Is Volume-Dependent In Hypertensives : Autonomic And Forearm Blood Responses
Concurrent Training Promoted Sustained Anti-Atherogenic Benefits In The Fasting Plasma Triacylglycerolemia Of Postmenopausal Women At 1-Year Follow-Up
Hypertrophy and Explosive-Reactive Functioning in Sedentary Men following 10-weeks of Whole-Body Vibration
β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation effects on body mass and performance in elite male rugby union players
Fitness profiles of elite adolescent Irish rugby union players
Identifying the physical fitness, anthropometric and athletic movement qualities discriminant of developmental level in elite junior Australian football
Comparison of Jamar and Bodygrip dynamometers for handgrip strength measurement
Physiological Profile and Activity Pattern of Minor Gaelic Football Players
Pre-season workload volume and high risk periods for non-contact injury across multiple Australian Football League (AFL) seasons.
Physiological responses and time-motion analysis of small combat games in kickboxing
The Effect of a Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on Upper Body Muscular Strength and Endurance
Effect of lower body resistance training on upper body strength adaptation in trained men
Validation of heart rate monitor Polar RS800 for heart rate variability analysis during exercise
Effects of traditional and pyramidal resistance training systems on muscular strength, muscle mass, and hormonal responses in older women
A comparison of catch phase force-time characteristics during clean derivatives from the knee
The Influence of a Personal Trainer on Self-Selected Loading during Resistance Exercise
Differential Effects of Continuous versus Discontinuous Aerobic Training on Blood Pressure and Hemodynamics
Muscle-specific effective mechanical advantage and joint impulse in weightlifting
Influence of competition day on cognitive control and HRV in young male gymnasts
Maximal strength performance and muscle activation for the bench press and triceps extension exercises adopting dumbbell, barbell and machine modalities over multiple sets.
Influence of physical maturity status on sprinting speed among youth soccer players
Reliability and Validity of the Load-Velocity Relationship to Predict the 1RM Back Squat
Validity Of Selected Bioimpedance Equations For Estimating Body Composition In Men And Women
Vertical and Horizontal Impact Force Comparison During Jump-Landings With and Without Rotation in NCAA Division 1 Male Soccer Players
The Perceived Psychological Responsibilities Of A Strength And Conditioning Coach
Repeated-sprint sequences during female soccer matches using fixed and individual speed thresholds
Acute Physiological Responses To Moderate-Load Resistance Exercise In Hypoxia
Mechanical Demands of the Hang Power Clean and Jump Shrug : A Joint-level Perspective
The Physiological Profile Of Male Competitive And Recreational Surfers
Effects of aquatic exercise on muscle strength in young and elderly adults : a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials
Hydration status, executive function and response to orthostatism following a 118-km mountain race : ¿are they interrelated?
Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Reliability and Relationship to Deadlift 1RM
The maximal mechanical capabilities of leg extensors muscles to generate velocity and power improve at altitude
Effects of Moderators on Physical Training Programs
Modeling of running performances in human
Comparison of the physical and technical demands of cricket players during training and match-play
Relationships Between Concentric and Eccentric Strength and Countermovement Jump Performance in Resistance Trained Men
The Physical and Athletic Performance Characteristics of Division I Collegiate Female Soccer Players by Position
Association Between Anaerobic Metabolic Demands During Simulated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Combat And Specific Jiu-Jitsu Anaerobic Performance Test : Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu combat and anaerobic performance test
Muscle Damage And Muscle Activity Induced By Strength Training Super-Sets In Physically Active Men
Basketball players’ dynamic performance across competition levels
Benefits Of Compression Garments Worn During Handball-Specific Circuit On Short-Term Fatigue In Professional Players
Genetic variability among power athletes : The stronger vs. the faster
Effect of Ambient Temperature on Pacing in Soccer depends on Skill Level
The training effect of short term enhancement from complex pairing on horizontal and vertical countermovement and drop jump performance
Core temperature changes and sprint performance of elite female soccer players after a 15-minute warm-up in a hot-humid environment
An 18-minute submaximal exercise test to assess cardiac fitness in response to aerobic training
Benefits of the CSCS Credential to the Physical Therapist : A Descriptive Study
Effects of Game Location, Quality of Opposition and Starting Quarter Score in the outcome of elite water polo quarters.
Muscle activation does not increase after a fatigue plateau is reached during eight-sets of resistance exercise in trained individuals
Respiratory Muscle Activity During Simultaneous Stationary Cycling and Inspiratory Muscle Training
The nature and prevalence of injury during CrossFit training
Development of repeated sprint ability in talented youth basketball players
Lower Wingate Test Power Outcomes from ‘All-Out’ Pre-Test Pedaling Cadence Compared to Moderate Cadence
FMS™ scores change with performers’ knowledge of the grading criteria – Are general whole-body movement screens capturing “dysfunction”?
The Effect of Caffeine Ingestion on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
The effects of COREPOWER machine training versus home-based core training on golfers’ physical fitness and sport performance.
Dental occlusion influences knee muscular performances in asymptomatic females
Echinacea Purpurea Supplementation does not Enhance VO2max in Distance Runners
Leg Strength Declines with Advancing Age Despite Habitual Endurance Exercise in Active Older Adults
Prophylactic ankle taping : Influence on treadmill running kinematics and running economy
Lower Wingate Test Power Outcomes from ‘All-Out’ Pre-Test Pedaling Cadence Compared to Moderate Cadence
Use of Integrated Technology in Team Sports : A Review of Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Directions for Athletes
Aerobic Plus Resistance Training Improves Bone Metabolism and Inflammation in Obese Adolescents
The Effect of Caffeine Ingestion on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Dynamometric indicators of fatigue from repeated maximal concentric isokinetic plantar-flexion contractions are independent of knee flexion angles and age, but differ for males and females
Acute Ingestion of Sugar-free Red Bull Energy Drink has no Effect on Upper Body Strength and Muscular Endurance in Resistance Trained Men
Evaluation of passive recovery, cold water immersion, and contrast baths for recovery, as measured by game performances markers, between two simulated games of rugby union.
Do Force–Time and Power–Time Measures in a Loaded Jump Squat Differentiate between Speed Performance and Playing Level in Elite and Elite Junior Rugby Union Players?
Seven Weeks of Instability and Traditional Resistance Training Effects on Strength, Balance and Functional Performance
Manuscript Clarification
The Effect of Resisted Sprint Training on Speed and Strength Performance in Male Rugby Players