Stress and non-communicable disease
Conceptual review article
What qualitative research has taught us about occupational stress
Predicting employees' well-being using work-family conflict and job strain models
Coping with coping strategies
Linking household income and work-family conflict
Social capital and psychological distress of elderly in Japanese rural communities
Exposure to psychosocial risks at work in prisons
Immobilization stress responses in adult rats exposed in utero to immobilization
Cortisol variability and self-reports in the measurement of work-related stress
Lecturing to 200 students and its effects on cytokine concentration and salivary markers of adrenal activation
Patient and nurse perceptions of stressors in the intensive care unit
Age differences in strain and emotional reactivity to stressors in professional careers
Adolescent girls' experiences of underlying social processes triggering stress in their everyday life
Work stressors and impaired sleep
General job performance of first-line supervisors
Mediating effects of emotional exhaustion on the relationship between job demand-control model and mental health