Guest Editors' Introduction: Recovery after Work
Does Unconscious Stress Play a Role in Prolonged Cardiovascular Stress Recovery?
Cardiovascular and Affective Consequences of Ruminating on a Performance Stressor Depend on Mode of Thought
Need Satisfaction during Free Evening Hours: Examining Its Role in Daily Recovery
Illegitimate Tasks and Sleep Quality: An Ambulatory Study
Emotional versus Cognitive Rumination: Are They Differentially Affecting Long-term Psychological Health? The Impact of Stressors and Personality in Dental Students
Vacation Effects on Behaviour, Cognition and Emotions of Compulsive and Non-compulsive Workers: Do Obsessive Workers Go ‘Cold Turkey’?
From Recovery to Regulation: An Attempt to Reconceptualize ‘Recovery from Work’
The Role of Emotional Control in the Regulation of Mood in Parents of Children with Mucopolysaccharidosis
Creating Technological Boundaries to Protect Bedtime: Examining Work–Home Boundary Management, Psychological Detachment and Sleep