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Organizational Health Interventions
Healthy Change Processes—A Diary Study of Five Organizational Units. Establishing a Healthy Change Feedback Loop
Evaluating an Organizational‐Level Occupational Health Intervention in a Combined Regression Discontinuity and Randomized Control Design
Capturing the Active Ingredients of Multicomponent Participatory Organizational Stress Interventions Using an Adapted Study Design
The Dynamic Integrated Evaluation Model (DIEM)
Are We All in the Same Boat? The Role of Perceptual Distance in Organizational Health Interventions
Correlates of Stress and Coping among Jordanian Nursing Students during Clinical Practice in Psychiatric/Mental Health Course
The Relationship Between Perceived Stress and Telomere Length
Effect of Interpersonal and Cognitive Stressors on Habituation and the Utility of Heart Rate Variability to Measure Habituation
Physiological, Perceptual and Psychological Responses of Career versus Volunteer Firefighters to Live‐fire Training Drills
Exposure to Racial Discrimination and Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Women with Type 2 Diabetes
Fight, Flight or Freeze
Perceived Changes in Social Relations after Earthquake Trauma among Eastern Anatolian Women
Mental Health in Offspring of Traumatized Refugees with and without Post‐traumatic Stress Disorder
Coping with Work‐related Traumatic Situations among Crime Scene Technicians
Job Demands and Job Control as Predictors of Depressive Symptoms
Life Event Stress and Binge Eating Among Adolescents
Adverse Life Experience and Psychological Distress in Adolescence
There Is Something in the Air
Face it, don't Facebook it
Increased Salivary Nitric Oxide and G6PD Activity in Refugees with Anxiety and Stress
Home is Private…Do Not Enter! Introversion and Sensitivity to Work–Home Conflict