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Emotional Dissonance and Burnout : The Moderating Role of Team Reflexivity and Re‐Evaluation
Early‐life Socio‐economic Status and Adult Health : The Role of Positive Affect
The Cortisol Awakening Response and Depressive Symptomatology : The Moderating Role of Sleep and Gender
If Only my Leader Would just Do Something! Passive Leadership Undermines Employee Well‐being Through Role Stressors and Psychological Resource Depletion
A Model of First‐responder Coping : An Approach/Avoidance Bifurcation
Attachment Dimensions and Post‐traumatic Symptoms Following Interpersonal Traumas versus Impersonal Traumas in Young Adults in Taiwan
Somatic Symptoms Mediate the Relationship Between Health Anxiety and Health‐Related Quality of Life over Eight Weeks
Perceived Demands of Schooling, Stress and Mental Health : Changes from Grade 6 to Grade 9 as a Function of Gender and Cognitive Ability
Economic Stressors and Psychological Distress : Exploring Age Cohort Variation in the Wake of the Great Recession
The Effect of Stress Management Training Program on Stress Coping Styles among the Adolescents in Prison in Turkey
Reaping the benefits of meaningful work : The mediating versus moderating role of work engagement
Relationship Between Meditation Depth and Waking Salivary Alpha‐Amylase Secretion Among Long‐Term MBSR Instructors