Neuroanatomic Localization of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Signal Hyperintensities in Geriatric Depression

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Background and Purpose

Increased frequency and severity of signal hyperintensities have been regularly reported in elderly depressed patients compared with normal subjects, however, greater neuroanatomic localization of lesions has been limited.


T2-weighted MRI scans in elderly depressed patients (n=35) and normal comparison subjects (n=31) were assessed for signal hyperintensities in lateralized discrete brain regions.


Logistic regression revealed that left frontal deep white matter (P<.005) and left putaminal (P<.04) hyperintensities significantly predicted depressive group assignment.


Findings suggest that greater neuroanatomic localization of hyperintensities than heretofore appreciated may relate to late-life depression. (Stroke. 1998;29:613-617.)

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