Abstract 24: Using a Tele-Presence Platform as a Neuro-ICU Nursing Education Tool

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Background and Purpose: Many authors have reported the effectiveness of telemedicine in healthcare and medical education. There has been limited research addressing its use with nursing education. We sought to examine the impact and effectiveness of education in the Neuro-ICUs of two Comprehensive Stroke Centers.

Methods: Guided by a knowledge needs assessment completed by critical care nurses at an academic medical facility in Louisiana, a topic of Intracranial Pressure Crisis in Hemorrhagic Stroke was chosen for an educational course conducted via telepresence. The Neuro-ICU nurses from an academic medical facility in Pennsylvania developed the course content. The course consisted of a 10 questions pre-test, a 30 minute didactic session, an interactive case scenario, and a 10 question post-test. The didactic session reviewed basic neuro pathophysiology and interventions to treat increased intracranial pressure. The interactive case scenario used 3G simulation to allow real time implementation of interventions to treat increased intracranial pressure in the setting of hemorrhagic stroke. The session concluded with a debriefing and post- test. The entire session was completed using telepresence. 15 ICU nurses participated in the course. Participants subsequently completed an anonymous survey. Results of the pre- and post-test were compared via a paired-samples t-test.

Results: The mean pre-test score was 7.5/10 (sd 2.378). The mean post-test score was 9.57/10 (sd 1.089). This represents a significant improvement (t=3.64, p= 0.003). All course participants completed the anonymous survey. 89% of participants felt that tele-education was a valuable learning tool. 100% agree that they will change their current bedside practice based on the information provided during the tele-education session.

Conclusion: These results demonstrate improved knowledge in the management of elevated intracranial pressure. A tele-presence platform may be an effective means of delivering of educational content to neuro ICU nurses separated by geographic barriers.

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