Abstract WP402: Performance Measurement of Blood Pressure Management in the Acute Phase of Intracerebral Hemorrhage

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Background: Patients with intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) frequently present with elevated blood pressure (BP) requiring treatment. We conducted an exploratory analysis to examine BP management during the acute phase of ICH. We hypothesized that BP management and time to achieve goal BP would be variable. Our aim was to identify areas for improvement in BP management.

Methods: We performed a retrospective chart review on consecutive patients with spontaneous ICH admitted to our neurosurgical intensive care unit (NSICU) from February-March 2015. Exclusions included secondary causes of ICH or comfort care orders placed within 72 hours of arrival. Demographic and clinical characteristics were collected as well as times for BP treatment order placement, IV treatment initiation and discontinuation. We recorded hourly BPs for the first 72 hours of hospitalization. Primary outcome measure was the time to achieve institutional guideline recommended BP control defined as SBP <150 mmHg, maintained for >6 hours. Secondary outcome included the proportion of patients who achieved SBP target >85% of the time.

Results: We screened 37 patients and 29 met criteria. Baseline information is summarized in Table 1. Documented BP goals for 25 of 29 patients targeted a SBP goal <150 mmHg. Documentation of BP goals, orders for treatment and initiation of IV medication for BP treatment all happened concurrently about 1 hour after admission (Figure 1). SBP control was achieved at a median of 9.3 hours after admission. Only 46.4% of patients achieved target SBP >85% of the time.

Conclusions: In our population, there is variability in the time it takes to achieve and maintain goal SBP with less than half of patients maintaining BP control. We identified targeted areas for improvement. Our data is limited by its retrospective nature and small size. Since aggressive BP management limits hematoma growth and may improve outcomes, we propose development of benchmarks to guide BP management in ICH patients.

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