Abstract 27: The Georgia Stroke Curriculum (GSC) Provides Free Stroke Education to Healthcare Professionals

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Background: In 2015 the Georgia Stroke Professional Alliance (GA-SPA) supported the launch of a free educational platform, the Georgia Stroke Curriculum (GSC). This up-to date, evidence based, peer reviewed stroke education is an alternative to other more costly options. Statewide provider and instructor classes were developed. GSC is a four module, didactic, interactive course focused on the full continuum of care of the acute stroke patient. GSC is peer reviewed by stroke content expertsPurpose:To expand free state-wide education to all health care professionals committed to improving the quality of stroke care through evidence based stroke education provided by clinical experts, who are trained and provided the latest evidence in stroke careMethods: GSC was developed by experienced stroke professionals with an extensive background in neuroscience and stroke care. The three different programs are advanced, core and instructor classes. Modules are peer reviewed by a consortium of stroke content experts, including stroke neurologists, physiatrist, emergency room, neurology, flight and rehabilitation nurses, case managers, stroke coordinators, quality specialists, and paramedics. The initial course was proctored by a stroke neurologist and stroke coordinators. Additional pilot classes were completed at comprehensive, primary, and remote treatment stroke centersResults: GSC is an expanding educational platform for free professional stroke education for healthcare professionals that is evidenced based, cutting edge with a regional approach, inclusive of feedback from providers, hospitals and healthcare systems. As of August 2016 nearly 70 GSC instructors were trained statewide along with over 500 healthcare professionals. The education has improved professional stroke knowledge as evidenced by an average score of 60% on the pretest to 90% on the posttestConclusion: GSC serves as a free subject matter resource on stroke education to healthcare professionals with a focus on the full continuum of stroke care. The state-wide initiative has improved the knowledge for healthcare professionals in the region. GSC expands the reach of a free, current, evidenced based program as an effective method to enhance stroke education throughout the state

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