Abstract TMP82: National Stroke Registry is Feasible and Improves Stroke Care and Training in Nigeria

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Introduction: There is data - driven evidence showing that stroke registries improve tracking, documentation and the quality of care for acute stroke patients in centres across all continents except Africa where data is lacking. We report findings from a pilot multi - centre stroke registry in Nigeria.

Methods: A World Federation of Neurology/World Stroke Organization (WFN/WSO) supported stroke training programme collaborated with NIH - funded Stroke Investigative Research and Education Network (SIREN) Project to develop a web-based multicenter acute stroke registry in 13 tertiary hospitals across Nigeria. All suspected cases of stroke were recorded in a Stroke Log and CT- confirmed cases were entered into a case report form and a web-based platform (RedCAP). A one hour focus group discussion (FGD) was conducted among 7 site neurologists to evaluate the impact of the pilot programme on stroke care and training.

Results: Over a 21 month period (October 2014 - June 2016), 1686 suspected cases of stroke were logged into the stroke log while 1391 brain - CT confirmed cases of stroke were logged onto RedCAP. Across all sites; mean age(SD) was 60.1 (14.2) years, 57.1% male, 78.9% had at least primary education, 67.5%, 31.0% and 1.5% had ischemic, hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke with hemorrhagic transformation respectively, 51.8% were admitted with severe stroke, hypertension was the dominant risk factor (78.7% of cases) and 21.8% died within 7 days. An FGD to evaluate impact showed improved stroke awareness, better CT rate, reduced time to CT, reduced short term mortality, improved training and competence of interns and residents, development of stroke multidisciplinary teams and better job satisfaction among site neurologists.

Conclusion: A pilot multicenter national stroke registry is feasible and improves stroke care, training and neurologist job satisfaction in Nigeria.

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