Abstract TP117: Outcomes of Elective Carotid Stenting in the Octogenarians

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Background: The CREST trial showed that risk of stroke, MI, death, and composite of the any of the 3 adverse events during the periprocedural period of carotid artery stent (CAS) is 4.1%, 1.1%. 0.7%, and 7.2% respectively. We aim to assess trends of periprocedural outcomes after CAS based on different age strata.Methods: A cohort of patients with CAS is identified from the National In patient Sample database using the procedure codes (00.63) for the years 2001 through 2009. We only included elective admissions for CAS. Missing observations on the death status are eliminated. Age was stratified as follows: < 60, 61-70, 71-80, and > 80. Trend analysis for the following periprocedural outcomes: peri-procedure stroke, myocardial infarction ‘MI’, and death; was performed across different age strata. The Cochrane-Armitage test was used for trend analysis.Results: Over 9 years, 10,655 CAS procedures were performed; 1818 (17.1%) were performed in the octogenarians. Race and gender distribution was similar across the age strata; men and Whites were predominant. In addition to age, co-morbid high risk factors were documented in 91% of the octogenarians compared to 83.2% of those < 60. The overall periprocedural outcome of stroke, MI and death across all ages is 2.37%, (stroke 1.6%, MI 0.66% and death 0.37%). Unfavorable periprocedural outcomes in different age strata are as follows: < 60 (1.1%), 61-70 (1.9%), 71-80 (3%), and > 80 (2.75%); trend P value < 0.0001. The risk of stroke is as follows: < 60 (0.72%), 61-70 (1.3%), 71-80 (2.0%), and > 80 (1.9%), P value < 0.0003; and MI < 60 (0.33%), 61-70 (0.52%), 71-80 (0.85%), and > 80 (0.77%), P value < 0.03. Mortality remained between 0.27 and 0.44 in different age strata; P = 0.54.Conclusion: In this study, periprocedural risks of stroke and MI are lower than what was reported in the CREST trial. A slight increase in these risks is noted with age, though appeared to plateau after age of 70 years.

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