Abstract 149: Patterns, Determinants and Outcomes of Ultra-early Neurological Deterioration (U-END) in Intracranial Hemorrhage

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Background: The patterns and outcomes of deterioration during prehospital transport and the first phase of ED care are important for planning for design of prehospital intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) treatment trials.

Methods: Patients were enrolled in the NIH Phase 3 Field Administration of Stroke Therapy - Magnesium (FAST-MAG) prehospital trial within 2h of last known well (LKW). Deterioration was defined as worsening by ≥2 on the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), performed serially by paramedics in the field, upon ED arrival, and after the early ED course

Results: Among 213 patients with ICH, age was 65.4 (±13.4), 33.3% female. Times from LKW to GCS assessments were: paramedic, 23 mins (IQR 14-39); ED arrival, 57 mins (IQR 45-75); and after early ED course, 89 mins (IQR 65-107). Overall, 38.5% experienced neurological deterioration, including 12.7% in prehospital phase only, 12.2% in early ED phase only, and 10.3% in both. Granular patterns of deficit progression were: Prehospital Sustained - prehospital deterioration, then stable early ED phase, 6.1% (13); Dippers - prehospital deterioration, then early ED improvement, 6.6% (14); Delayed - stable prehospital, then ED deterioration, 12.2% (26); and Continuous - prehospital deterioration, then further deterioration in ED, 10.3% (22) (Figure). ICH patients who experienced any U-END had lower prehospital GCS scores, 15 (IQR 12-15) vs 15 (IQR 15-15), p<0.001, greater prehospital focal weakness, LAMS 4.4 vs 3.9, p<0.001, history of hypertension, 87.4% vs 74.9%, p<0.001, higher ED SBP, 186 vs 174, p<0.001, and larger ICH volume, 45.8 vs 21.8 cm3, p<0.001. U-END was associated with higher dependence or death (mRS 3-6) at 90d, 90.1% vs 61.6%, p<0.001.

Conclusions: Ultra-early neurological deterioration occurs in more than one-third of EMS-transported ICH patients, is associated with elevated BP, and leads to unfavorable outcome. Clinical trials testing prehospital initiation of BP-lowering therapy for ICH are desirable.

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