Abstract TP202: Association of Rs7961894 with Mean Platelet Volume in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

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Introduction: Mean platelet volume (MPV) is a marker of platelet function and elevated MPV was found to be an independent risk factor for death after myocardial infarct in patients with coronary artery disease. Higher MPV was associated with increased risk of ischemic stroke, yet there is insufficient data regarding the role of MPV as a marker of outcome in patients with ischemic stroke. The variability of platelet indices in humans is largely determined by genetic factors and rs7961894 located within intron 3 of WDR66 gene showed the strongest association with MPV in all genome wide association (GWA) studies in the European population.

Aim: To determine the association of rs7961894 with MPV in patients with acute ischemic stroke and to assess whether rs7961894 and MPV could be markers of one year mortality in different stroke subtypes.

Material and methods: For 426 adults with first-ever ischemic stroke MPV was measured within 72h of stroke onset and single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping of rs7961894 was performed accordingly (RT-PCR, Applied Biosystems). Epidemiologic and clinical characteristics (including TOAST classification), laboratory findings as well as one year mortality data were collected for each participant.

Results: Allele T and genotypes CT and TT of the rs7961894 polymorphism were associated with the highest (>11.5fL) MPV quartile (Chi2 test, p<0.01). MPV was significantly higher in patients with genotype TT as compared to CT and CC genotype (12.0±0.24fL vs. 11.10±0.15fL and 10.77±0.05fL, respectively, ANOVA, p <0.005 with Tukey HSD post-hoc test, Figure 1).

Conclusions: Allele T of rs7961894 polymorphism is associated with increased MPV in the recessive and dominant model and patients with genotype TT have significantly higher MPV as compared to the rest of the population study. Further analysis is currently being conducted to determine the association of MPV and rs7961894 polymorphism with one year mortality and stroke subtypes.

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