Abstract TP280: AF and Urgent Bleeding Management Strategies Effect of Online CME

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Introduction: Although anticoagulant therapy with non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) has demonstrated safety in multiple clinical trials in the setting of stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation (SPAF), a small percentage of patients experience urgent bleeding, which may require advanced bleeding management strategies, including NOAC reversal.Hypothesis: A video-based online continuing medical education (CME) activity can improve the knowledge and competence of cardiologists regarding strategies for managing anticoagulant-related urgent bleeding eventsMethods: An online CME activity was developed as a 25-minute roundtable discussion with 4 leading experts. The activity included a transcript of the discussion and a downloadable slide deck to highlight and reinforce key data. The effects of education were assessed using a linked pre-assessment/post-assessment study design. For all questions combined, the McNemar’s chi-square test was used to assess differences from pre- to post-assessment. P values are shown as a measure of significance; P values <.05 are statistically significant. Cramer’s V was used to calculate the effect size (>30=large effect size, 0.16-0.30=medium effect size, <0.16=small effect size)Results: For cardiologists who participated in the CME activity, comparison of individually linked pre-assessment question responses to the respective post-assessment question responses demonstrates statistically significant improvements (N = 187; P =0.002). A total of 33% of cardiologists answered all 4 pre-assessment questions correctly with 48% answering all post-assessment questions correctly. Significant mprovements were demonstrated: 1) A 23% relative improvement in the knowledge of the mechanism of action for idarucizumab (70% pre-assessment vs 86% post-assessment; P<0.001; V=0.194); 2) A 22% relative improvement in the knowledge of the specificity of andexanet alfa (69% vs 84%; P<0.05; V=0.176).Conclusion: The statistically significant improvements observed in this online CME roundtable discussion demonstrate the benefits of educating the appropriate target audience base with aptly designed educational activities.

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