Abstract NS2: A Rapid Care Evaluation Transient Ischemic Attack Clinic by Nurse Practitioners

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Background: Prompt evaluation and management of patients having a transient ischemic attack (TIA) with the ABCD2 triage score has been shown to decrease the risk of stroke and potentially life-long disability. However, creating an organized, well-coordinated approach that provides rapid access for patients is a challenge at many high-volume stroke centers.Purpose: We sought to determine the feasibility of a nurse practitioner (NP)-led Rapid Access Care Execution for Transient Ischemic Attack (RACE-TIA) Clinic as part of an Outpatient Stroke Nurse Practitioner Clinic.Methods: Our RACE-TIA Clinic Algorithm uses ABCD2 score triaging, and outlines the care process for TIA patients who present either through the Emergency Department (ED), Outpatient Clinic or via telephone triage. Patients with possible TIA are triaged using the ABCD2 tool. Those who present to the ED are evaluated by a member of the Acute Stroke Team and patients with a score ≥ 3 remain in the ED Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) for evaluation. Patients with a score < 3 are scheduled in the RACE-TIA Clinic staffed by two stroke-trained NPs. Referrals to the RACE-TIA clinic from the electronic medical record (EMR) referral or the dedicated phone line are triaged by a registered nurse who was trained to complete the ABCD2 scoring. All appointments are scheduled within 24-48 hours of receiving a referral.Results: Since initiating the RACE-TIA Clinic Algorithm in January 2017 a total of 20 patients were seen as outpatients for TIA evaluation. Six patients were directly referred to the RACE-TIA Clinic for acute TIA evaluation and of those, 5 were referred from the ED and 1 from a primary care office. Another 14 patients were scheduled for follow-up after having an initial TIA evaluation at either an outside hospital (3), the ED (2), ED CDU (3) or after inpatient hospitalization (6). The average time from referral to clinic visit was 34 hours.Conclusion: Our NP-led RACE-TIA Clinic has successfully evaluated patients with low risk TIA in the outpatient setting in a timely way and also provided close follow-up for high risk TIA patients after the acute evaluation without expanding or duplicating existing resources.

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