Abstract TP84: Safety and Effectiveness of Ticagrelor in Patients With Clopidogrel Resistance Undergoing Angioplasty, Stent or Flow Diverter Placement

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Background and Purpose: Nearly 30% of the patients have clopidogrel resistance and are at high risk for in-stent thrombosis and adverse ischemic events. Ticagrelor is an allosteric platelet antagonist that reversibly inhibits the P2Y12 platelet receptor more potently than clopidogrel. We report upon the safety and effectiveness of ticagrelor in patients with cerebrovascular diseases and clopidogrel resistance undergoing angioplasty and/or stent or flow diverter placement.Methods: We analyzed data from our prospectively maintained endovascular database and identified patients treated with ticagrelor and underwent treatment with a stent or flow diverter. The patients were divided into an acutely loaded dose group and those converted from clopidogrel due to clopidogrel resistance, defined by platelet aggregation value of 200 PRU VerifyNow P2Y12 test. Patients received standard dual antiplatelet therapy, however, despite repeat clopidogrel loading doses, were found to be clopidogrel non-responders and were then administered ticagrelor 180mg loading dose and maintained on 90mg BID dosing. We ascertained occurrence of any bleeding complications, classified as major (hgb decrease >5 g/dl), minor (hgb decrease 3-5 g/dl), or insignificant.Results: A total of 36 (13.8%) patients (mean age 64.7±13.8 years; 58.3% females) had clopidogrel resistance out of 260 patients screened. Of those, 29 patients were switched from clopidogrel to ticagrelor due to an elevated PRU (avg 294.76±41.32 PRU) and 7 patients without previous antiplatelet use received a bolus and maintenance dose. Only one patient experienced a transient ischemic event within 24 hours after starting ticagrelor. Patients who were acutely loaded did not experience any ischemic events. No patient experienced symptomatic or asymptomatic hemorrhage on ticagrelor in the post-op period. A total of 43 procedures were performed in 36 patients with clopidogrel resistance: 26 pipeline placements, 8 wingspan stent placements, 2 LVIS stents, 1 neuroform stent with pipeline, and 7 angioplasties.Conclusions: Our study demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of loading or switching patients to ticagrelor with cerebrovascular diseases undergoing angioplasty, stent or flow diverter placement.

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