Abstract WP368: Stroke Identifying the Educational Gap for Nurses in Argentina

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Background and Issues: Providing nurses with stroke pathology, prevention and management training is essential to diminish the devastating outcomes that this pathology can have on a patient and family. After an overwhelming response to medical education, we identified the possible need for nursing stroke education in Argentina.Purpose: The purpose is to define the status of stroke education among acute care nurses in Argentina and determine the need for stroke educational programs.Methods: For customer discovery, 32 semi-structured interviews were conducted in person, via Skype and via telephone calls with Argentinean nurses, nurse managers, nurse administrators and government officials. Interview questions were guided towards methods of nursing education, evaluations of skills, professional development, means of personal education and opportunities for growth in nursing educational courses regarding stroke pathology, prevention, and management. Responses given by the interviewees were documented and recurring themes were noted.Results: We discovered that there are very few opportunities for nursing continuing education without formal pursuit of a graduate degree. Bedside acute care nurses must seek out conferences or symposiums for topics of educational interest that are directed to physicians. All of our interviewees were in agreement that there is a need and desire toward stroke educational programs, including pathology, prevention and management. One of the recurring themes that was noted was the desire and need for nursing tailored education.Conclusions: Currently no continuing stroke educational programs are provided to nurses in Argentina. Through our interview process we concluded that there is an unattended and substantial need and desire for such training. The findings of these interviews will help in the development of a neurological critical care course for nurses in Spanish. This course will include stroke pathology, prevention and management.

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