Report on Symposium on Atherosclerosis
Cerebral Vasodilator Therapy in Stroke
Oxygen Availability in Ischemic Brain Following Hypocarbia and Hypercarbia
The Process of Recovery
The Sympathetic Nervous System and the Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow in Man
Humoral Responses of Smooth Muscle from Rabbit Subarachnoid Artery Compared to Kidney, Mesentery, Lung, Heart, and Skin Vascular Smooth Muscle
Experimental Brain Ischemia
Cerebral Anoxia
Diagnostic Information Available in University and Community Hospital Medical Records
The Outcome for patients With Cerebrovascular Disease in University and Community Hospitals
The Use of Medical Facilities for Cerebrovascular Disease Patients in a Country of Western Pennsylvania
Identification of Individuals With Covert Ischemic Thrombotic Cerebrovascular Disease
News from the American Heart Association
Report of the Joint Committee for Strake Facilities
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